Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Know Movement

Hey, try to click this origami. I made it at Kotex website :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Officially 13

Hey! Sorry for my absence, yesterday :D Haha, I celebrated my birthday at restaurant last night. So, thanks for the wish people! Expecially in Facebook. I received about 160 ++ birthday wish. ILY PEOPLE! Not to forget Fatimah and Elly, my lovely fellow bloggers. Fatimah wished me one week before my birthday. Thanks babe. Sayangg you ! Elly, thank you so much for the wish + compliment + ily ! Haha :)
1 ; Ihsan gave me this bracelet. He bought this from Kota Kinabalu! Thanks childhood friend!

 2 ; Tan Zer Dong a.k.a my sailo - little brother in Mandarin gave me handkerchief that he bought from Japan. And it's a McDonald's Tokyo handkerchief! Plus, he gave me Donald Duck sticker. He knows that I like blue colour :) I just love the blue box over there. It's handmade.

 3 / 7 ; Thanks a lot to my boyfriend, Azhan Hafizi. He gave me this coin box and a teddy bear! Isn't that sweet? Thanks Azhan ♥ 

4 ; My bestfriend since primary, Kimberly gave me a cute keychain.Hehee, thanksla waak. SAYANG AWAK! ♥  

5 ; Farah Nabila, your Ferrero Rocher is so sweet - macam tuan yang kasi hadiah ni. Haha, setiap tahun birthday saya tak lengkap tanpa hadiah awak tau ♥ 

6 ;  Dear Amirul Zain, you always give me an expensive stuff. Don't you? Haritu kau belanja aku Starbucks. Satu kelas jealous kat aku. Birthday aku, kau kasi Capo yang bernilai RM70 and air mahal Esprit. Weyh, KAU PECAH REKOD LA! Tak pernah aku dapat hadiah semahal tu daripada kawan setakat ni. THANK YOU ACTOR! Berlakon baik-baik waktu kat Singapore okayy? ♥ 

8 ; Saje repeat photo balik haa :D 

 It's Mohd Aliff Firdaus a.k.a Sase 's birthday on 16 April 2010! 

Happy birthday Sase. May God bless you. Haha, I'm older than you! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey hey hey. Can you see the date? It's 14 April 2010! That means, tomorrow.Officially teenager la sangat. I'm currently chatting with Faris Iqbal a.k.a ex head prefect. Only God knows, how long we dind't talk together like just like we used to.

I realise my blog is full of dust. Haha, I'm too obsessed with Tumblr nowdays. But blogspot, doesn't mean I hate you or whatsoever it is. I started blogging when I was 9. I used blogspot okay. How can I just leave you like that?
Gelojoh pun cantik :(

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bloody Results

I just received my exam results. I get B for KH and Seni. So saaaaaddd :( The highest A was Maths = 94. I know, bad kan? Grrr :(
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