Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour.

Remember?The Earth Day?
Doing okay ? I've been keeping myself close to mother nature.
Hahas , I've been so nice to actually care about the environment and all those global heating issue.
I'm so having the "Save The Earth" spirit now.
Baby,just wait :)

David Archuleta is coming to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia!
Weee,i just can't wait his charming face to appear in Melodi.

Pluss,school was very and its so damn vapid!

To Marsha Milan,
Seriously,i think im suck at English.
Btw,nice to meet you darlingg!

And,ini suatu cerita is in Malay Language.
In English,it means:This is a story.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Choral Speaking Competition

As you know,today is my choral competition.
We'll do greattt!

Butbut,Melawati1 won the 1st place.
OMG,2 times Melawati2 'under' Melawati1.
Melawati2 won the 2nd place.

Ohh mannn,Melawati2 can't go to state level.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Im probally insane right now.
One person makes me makes me looooonatic and become a patient from Hospital Bahagia or Hospital Rambutan.
Gee,i hate her!
But,i have to 'love' her cause we're the Choral Team.

Haha,wtv la.
She said:Miraa,ur hair is such horible!
Eee,how dare she said that to me?
But,thank God i dind't took that emotion into the choral.

Wee,can't wait for the choral:D
Hhha,Melawati2 always be'll the champion wehhh!

Pluzzzz,Sir Ahmad just came to our school 2day,
Whoaa,his English was very cool!
And,he told us after UPSR we're gonna have English Camp!
The most exciting part,THE BAND part and DRAMA!
OMG,damn fun!


Monday, March 23, 2009


My cellphone is being a bitch lately.
As you know , I've just got it fixed about only less than a month ago.
Grievously , it's causing problems again.
I'm currently using my unpleasing and repugnant old phone.

Looking at it can make create the existence of calamitous !
Because of that , I think it's finally time to get a new one though how much I love my W910i.
I want the oh so foxy W705 ! Besides having a 3.2 mp camera , it can connect us to WI-FI !
Yay. Walkman + WI FI = beyond glorious.
My birthday is in 15 April, so will you get me this , pretty please ? ;)

To Irina,
Im 12!Tottally hell young right?
Ahass!Do i look older then my age?:D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Choral Journey

Somehow , Coke gave me much more energy than mineral water.Ehh,Yahudi?
Not that Coca Cola bitch! .
Maybe I have occult powers.
I had choral speaking practise today.
Today is just not my day. I had to run my voice but my damn Ecpi was left at home.
Sprinting at first was okay but then I forgot , the disturbia mosquito can cause me skin trouble.
I recited the choral thing with an action.
Thank God Puan Hanisah and Puan____ said to me
"Najwa,you have a good expression face on the choral"
Ohh,i thinked that is a heaven word to me.

At that very moment ,
I just had to restrain my voice so I won't go to fast or else .
Ahh,(i just wanted to stop that time) ,
I continued sang+recited but in a slow speed to the finishing line.

I think choral speaking is a good activities to pupils,
Expecially who is quite weak in English,
Well,it try to improve my vocabulary!