Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thank God! I managed to get 9As 2Bs today! Surprisingly, I got the highest for BM. I gained Bs for Living Skills and Visual Arts. I increased lots of marks kayy! Hehe, I taught I'm gonna have headache this week. But it's not!

Hey, I better hit the books right now. Gomapseumnida, my dearie exam results! You give me a great spirit for me to study hard! I think pure logic is the ruin of spirit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hola! I woke up with a fear last morning. Who doesn't? My friend said most of the students decrease their marks. I felt like, I've been bullying by my exam results. My specific enemy.When I reached school, I managed to chat with my friends since we don't have any assembly. Yeap, I miss them a lot. I miss being a 1st grader kid too.

Guess what? I managed to get A's for all subjects that I received today, so far. I increased a lot for my Geography and Religious Study. I also gave presents to my belated birthday friends. Hehe, so for the late presents friends! I can't deny that Amirul's essay was extremely doozy. Hmm, nevermine. I'll try to write a better essay next time. Nyeh, I managed to beat him in other subjects too :D

As I grow to understand life less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.


Hey, I took my piano exam yesterday. I managed to do it very well, so okay. So, I'm gonna start my school today - which means I have to handle headache properly. I screwed last exam, a lot! :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Jews Are So Smart? (Part 1)

God, this is thing is so 'addictive! Cos I wonder why most of the Jews are so smart.. and RICH! I can't deny that Muslim intellectuals of their past is a smart and experts in various fields. Why? Because they practice what is taught by the Prophet. Same as Jews too! But Muslims nowdays no longer practice the teachings of prophets. This is what Jews do in everyday life that I just translated it in English - try to practise these in your everyday life kay?


In Israel, after knowing that the mother was pregnant, the mother would often sing and play piano and the mother and father would buy a book of mathematics and solve mathematical problems with her husband. Haha, ain't that romantic though?

You can eat beans with almonds and dates of milk. For lunch, the main meal of bread and fish without the head with a mixed salad with almonds and a variety of legumes. Fish meat is so good for brain development and head of the fish contain chemicals that can damage both brain development and growth of children in the content.  Wow, no wonder they are so smart! 

Wait, those who memorize the Al- Quran are also encouraged to take raisins, almonds, dates and milk to improve memory okayy? That's what I did when I was in religious school. Hehe, I gained the best mark for that :D


They prefer to eat fish once - the fillet, and usually meat will not be together in the table if there is a fish, according to them, do not mix meat and fish eaten with the good. Nuts and beans are a must, especially almonds.

They will absolutely eat the fruits before eating the main meal. According to them, eating meals with carbohydrate then you eat fruits, it will make us feel and weak and difficult to understand the lessons in school. This is also the Sunnah of the Prophet that eating fruit before eating heavy food - dah tertulis dalam Al-Quran dahh


According to scientists at the University of Israel, the investigation showed that nicotine can damage the human brain key Tues and will stick to the genes, this means that smokers will take generations of descendants of the defective brain or stupid. A horrible discovery was found by scientists well-studied genes and DNA. Ironically, the owner of the largest cigarette manufacturer know right.


Jewish children is so smart and they understand the language of the three Hebrews, Arabic and English, and realized they were trained early to play piano and violin, this is an obligation. According to them play music and understand the notes thereto to increase the IQ of children, and certainly will make the them smart. Infact, shaking music can stimulate - like exercise for the brain so that there are many musical geniuses of all Jews. No wonder my parents sent me to Music School, haha. 

Primary 1 to 6, Jewish children are taught the concept of business mathematics and science education is a priority. Comparison with children in California, is far different from the IQ and can I say, six years back! Wow, amazing enough. All lessons will be easily caught by the Jewish children. 

Apart from earlier studies also sports an obligation on them and the sport's priority is archery, shooting and running, archery and shooting can train the brain focused on something besides facilitating the preparation for national service. All three sports are also organized by the hadith of the Prophet of Islam, but implemented by the Jewish people who know the benefits, hehhhhh.

For high school, students will study Science and education points are encouraged to create their products, the project seems to although sometimes it is funny and silly, will be scrutinized more seriously, what more is in the form of weapons, medicine and engineering, the idea will be brought to the institute at the Polytechnic and University High. Urgh, I'm getting jealous of them :@


At the end of the university, students are required to do business in the field and practice your project and will only be passed if your group (10 students per group) to a profit of $ US1 million! WHAT?! That is the reality, with networks around the world and fully sponsored by the Jewish-owned company, it is not surprising that they have the upper half in the world of business! Who's making Levis's latest design?  It was created by faculty at the University of Israel business and fashion. HEH!

The proportion of Jews with IQ’s of 140 or more is estimated to be about six times the proportion of any other ethnic group.

To be continued. I am so tired typing this out already. Hope you enjoy :)

About Jews (Part 1)

Hey! Erm, I think I should use the word assalamualaikum instead of using hey or hi. Did you realise that I changed my layout? See, I am so rambang mata. Pantang tengok benda cantik sikit, nak ambil je tahu. Since I have no work besides checking new fashion, I decide to make some research about Jewis.... Israel. I bet people all round the world feel extremely exacerbated with the Zionist forces who are brutal and cruel. They have no mercy even once!

Jews are known to be proud, arrogant and stubborn. They do not 'have' pleased with the Muslims as the word of God which means: "Jews and Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their religion (a form of)." (Al-Baqarah: 120)
But, one thing The Jews are concerned if...

The number of Muslim congregational prayer at dawn the same number of Muslim prayers Friday! This is acknowledged by their own intellectuals.

Aren't you worried? I am worried because there are shows that 80% of Muslims are not praying. That is not prayer at all. Imagine also that prayer without knowledge, without any appreciation, and without humility? So how many people cut is really competent to face the Zionist true? 

 Eleh, kalau demokrasi sana-sini, bakar bendera Yahudi tu, tak solat takde guna juga. Lebih baik solat subuh berjemaah. Allah lebih suka kalau kita buat benda macam tu kan? :)
Jew who really knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Muslims as they know their own child (Al-An'am: 20) 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Link

Hey, I changed my link already! Okay, I think it's effin annoiying when my parents colleagues like to read my blog. Like, they report everything to my parents. Urgh, my parents told me everything bout my blog -,- That's why I don't want anybody to know(except my friends / fello bloggers) my blog address. You know, if teenagers yang sebaya je baca, they will totally understand our feelings. Sometimes, terkeluar juga kata-kata kesat. If adults see this, they will not going to say "okay, saya faham perasaan anda" Kena penampar adala sebab cakap mencarut.

Teenagers also need some privacy kayy? URGH :@

Favourite Girl

 Tag from Riha. Gracias Riha :D


1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 3 friends.

if someone says 'are you okay', you say?
As long as you love me xD

what do you like in a guy/girl?
She's got a boyfriend now (omg)

how do you feel today?
It's not over

what is your life's purpose?
Xing fu de chi bang

what's your motto?
Because you live

what do your friends think of you?
Just so you know

what do your parents think of you? 
Save the last dance for me :D

what do you think about very often? 
The masterplan

what is 2 + 2? 
I write sins not tragedies -,-

what do you think of your best friend? 
Penipu (HAHA)

what is your life story? 
I lay my love on you

what do you want to be when you grow up? 
Break your heart

what do you think when you see the person you like 
Right here waiting for you

what will you dance to at your wedding? 

what will they play at your funeral?
Champagne supernova

what is your hobby/interest?
Kiss and tell

what is your biggest fear?
Good girls gone bad

what is your biggest secret?
Forever love

what do you want right now?
6 months

what do you think of your friends?
Viva la vida

what will you post this as?
Favourite girl


Human beings
Manusia :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tagg Yeahh!

Waaa, sudah lama saya tarak jawab tag. Thanks to Rihaaa :)
Adakah anda rasa anda hot ?
Kipas saya kuat, so SEJUK LER.

Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza ? 
Few months ago.

lagu terakhir anda dengar ? 

Apa yang anda buat selain menyalesaikan tag ? 

Selain nama anda sendiri , anda dipanggil nama apa ? 
Mira, MirMir, Naj.

Tag 8 org lagi .


Sunday, June 6, 2010

5As Graduation + Reunion

My face kat belakang man tu. Click to enlarge it.

I woke up with a happy face today. Memangla happy. As you can see, I had this graduation last morning at De Palma Hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, all I can see my friends were looking gorgeous, handsome, and pretty! Okay, I hate the fact that guys were very handsome, smart and charming. Urgh, they wore a slack and kemeja panjang semua tu included tie. Of course la handsome. Okay, saya tak cair, haha. Wait, the quantity of the girls were more than boys lah! Not to forget, the girls also cantik-cantik belaka :) I received RM50 too :D

I am so so so gonna miss 6 June 2010 for sure. It was extremely fun, expecially when you can meet your old friends. Hell yeah. They go to different schools all around the Malaysia. MCKK, VI, Petronas School, MRSM, CBN, and blablabla. Hmm, I wonder when I'm gonna meet them again. Maybe this holidays? Next month? Next year? Next 10 years? Or maybe when they tie their knot and obtain children! Haha :D Saya juga dapat berjumpa dengan Ain Maisarah. Hmm, but the photo is in my dad's phone :(

You can view my friend's / my profile for more pics :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Day Of Holidays

This dude is extremely genius in Science. Can't deny that.

Hey! Finally, mid year exam was over yesterday. So, I can enjoy my holidays! Forget all those sheeba exam papers. I just wanna have fun fun fun on these holidays. I hit the shower and dressed up quickly to picked up my relatives with my papa at LRT this morning. Then, I headed to school to picked up Kimberly and Thayalan.

We arrived at Wangsa Walk around 10.45 am. So, we waited for Prakaash and Zer Dong and Amirul to reached there for awhile. After bought the tickets, we went to this game shop. Idk what it calls, something you can play racing cars, basketball and blablabla over there. Me and Kim played this pickup doll game. Nah, we never won even once. It's quite hard to play that game. Prakaash and Thayalan played the racing cars while Zer Dong played the shooting stuff, haha.
I effin hate this game - expecially when you never get anything

After that, me and Kim went to Black Queen shop to buy some accessories. I bought myself  a hairband and a pair of earing.We watched the movie Shrek Forever After. This movie was very enjoyable. Expecially the happy ending! Wait, who doesn't love happy ending? I wish I could have that too :)

Headed to A&W after that. Heh, I only filled my tummy with Root Beer and the 'curly' fries only. But my friends ate a LOT.

Retard stuff, haha.

Spended some time at Popular Bookstore, FOS and...... BOWLING! I was born to be good in music and creative writing, not sports. Okay, maybe I kinda good in swimming. I managed to score -12+12+6-7+1=? for bowling. You do the calculations. I played it in a half way je. Cos I hurt my arm. Gosh, we were using 11 and 12 kg man. But Amirul managed to find a 6 kg bowling. Imagine, my hand is so small and kurus kering while holding a big super-duper heavy bowling ball. Dahla kena hempap dengan bowling kat fingers bila nak ambil bowling. Haish. So, I don't want to take a risk to hurt my fingers and arm to become more worst - don't want to affect my piano exam too. But now, dah okay!

I also bought myself a new guitar pick. It's in a blue colour and it is very thin. Strumming pun sedap. Played the grand piano at the music shop and the music fair. Hmm,I want a new grand/upright piano so badly! Cos I'm currently using a Clavinova - which is complete with metroneum and songs and blabla. But my teacher said I will be better if I use something like grand/upright piano cos my grade is already high. Hmm, mama said that maybe I'll get the new piano - next year. :(

Before went back to home, we bought ourself a drink and Rotiboy. So, we habis outing around 4.30 pm. And tomorrow, ANUGERAH 5As!