Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 June 2011

So technically, today is the last day of June. Mine was pretty good. Woke up at 6.10 am in the morning. I felt lots of better after recited the Holy Quran during dawn. As for me, Thursday is quite a dooms day for me. Then, I went to piano class with being a hopeful feeling. I hope l'enseignant wound't have any PMS today but I was wrong. Okay, let's just skip that part. I felt like kicking the piano during that time. After class, I walk to Rotiboy and only God knew how much annoying was that. I was wearing my school uniform and people like stared at me   ike I skip school. Haha, I just simply showed my big piano book to like everyone in the mall? HAHA! To proved that SAYA TAK PONTENG SEKOLAH! Wallawe -_-

During the choral speaking practice.

But overall, I enjoyed with so much fun la today. We did it extremely well for choral speaking. Plus main tembak-tembak NERF! Haha. To other Melawatians, please be jealous. Because 2 Maju 2011 is the best among the best! :) Like seriously. Only like 2 freaking days, we did perfectly. Memang tak disangka lah en. 

Main tembak-tembak whiteboard time!

Can't wait for the district level :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Things would be much more easier. Only if I know your name. Seriously. Would you mind if you tell me your name if I meet you again?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 June 2011

I can't believe I'm going to say this. Je pense que je suis tomber pour vous. FYI, I don't easily fall for a stranger.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 June 2011

I was pretty speechless last morning. I ragazzi che hanno incontrato usato at WWM. Technically it was weird and awkward.
Selena Gomez: who says you're not perfect?
Jessie J: nobody's perfect!
Selena Gomez: but who are you to judge?
Jessie J: sometimes i just can't shut the hell up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 June 2011

Alhamdullilah, my wish is nearly granted! I can't wait to go and learn with my old teacher again! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June 2011

Something is not right. Before this, I never felt this way before. My emotional is being uneasy lately. Thanks to 'somebody', who just came into my life and make my life miserable. Before you thinking negatively, I am not in love or whatever that related to it. Not at all. Not exactly that 'somebody' came into my life, but my parents looked for that 'somebody'. I just met that 'somebody' like 3 times.

But that 'somebody' is being too over. 'Somebody' always screamed at me during keullaeseu. Like seriously. How can I do it correctly as 'somebody' asked me too if she used the wrong approach. She always knocked the 'gigye' using her hand or knock down the floor using high heel. I am not trying to say, I'm tradere doing this thing, but 'somebody' is being too aggressive. Seriously. 'Somebody' is impatient. If this matter persists, I will be not interested to pursue my grade.

Ma and pa

If you're reading this, please understand your daughter's feeling. I am not tradere, it's just the environment doesn't suits me well. I afraid this thing will lead me to depression. It's about my feeling. About my emotional. If my emotional is always uneasy, I afraid this thing will effect on my studies in school.

Individual doesn't suits my environment. I miss playing electone with my classmates. I miss doing ensemble. I miss doing concert. I miss singing in front of the class with my friends. I miss teamwork. I want a group class, not individual. 

Plus, individual class is just too expensive. Group class is much more reasonable. You can keep the money to buy a new piano or maybe save it for the other expenses. I just want my old teacher back. The old teacher who knows how to approach me well. As a proof, I did it well in my exam last year. I will not quit. I will make an effort for it. I have a strong feeling if get back to my old teacher, I will be better. Don't say that I am trying to run away from my problems. I'm doing this because I know I can be advanced. The old teacher knows me the best ma, pa. I have a very strong chemistry with my old teacher. 

To my lovely readers,

Please pray for me so that I can go and learn this music stuff with my old teacher back and God bless you :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rahsia Sujud : Perkembangan Otak

Persatuan Islam Kebangsaan Malaysia (MICNA) Jordan mengenal pasti sesiapa yang tidak menunaikan sembahyang maka otaknya tidak dapat menerima darah secukupnya untuk berfungsi secara sempurna.
Jurucakap MICNA Jordan berkata, ini bererti darah tidak akan memasuki urat saraf di dalam otak manusia melainkan ketika seseorang itu sujud ketika solat.
Di dalam Majalah Buletin Bulanan MICNA, jurucakap persatuan ini membuat kenyataan bahawa;
"Darah akan memasuki bahagian urat tersebut mengikut kadar solat yang telah diwajibkan oleh Islam".
Ini diakui sendiri oleh seorang doktor neurologi di Amerika Syarikat yang telah memeluk Islam kerana beberapa keajaiban di dalam penyelidikannya itu. Doktor tersebut mendapati dalam kajiannya urat pada saraf manusia memerlukan darah untuk beberapa sukatan tertentu sahaja.
Doktor neurologi tersebut tertarik untuk memeluk Islam semasa membuat kajian saraf yang dilakukan, iaitu terdapat beberapa urat saraf di dalam otak manusia tidak dimasuki darah walaupun sepatutnya setiap inci otak manusia memerlukan darah yang secukupnya untuk berfungsi secara normal.
Kini doktor tersebut memeluk Islam dan beliau telah membuka sebuah klinik yang bertemakan "Perubatan melalui- Al-Quran". Beliau juga membuat ubat-ubatan berdasarkan kajian melalui Al-Quran dan Hadis Nabawi. Di antara kaedah yang digunakan termasuklahberpuasa, madu lebah, biji hitam (black Seed).
Manusia yang tidak bersembahyang apatah lagi yang bukan Islam, walaupun akal mereka berfungsi secara normal tetapi sebenarnya mereka akan hilang pertimbangan apabila membuat keputusan secara normal.
Justeru itu, tidak hairan ada di antara manusia kadang-kadang tidak segan silu untuk melakukan perkara bertentangan dengan fitrah kejadiannya walaupun akal mereka mengetahui perkara yang akan dilakukan adalah salah.
"Ini kerana otak mereka tidak boleh mempertimbangkannya secara normal."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 June 2011


What kind of obstacle that I need to get through after this? FML.