Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is Beauty is All About?

Assalamualaikum to my lovely readers.

This a post for me, and for girls who are currently searching the 'beauty' of themselves.

As we are living in this so-called society, I am tad bid confused about something. Something that should be simple. Something that you should have made clearer, instead of sending millions of other people like me on a wild goose chase in search of truth. What are we exactly searching for? Let me put it simply ; we are searching for what exactly beauty is, because the ways you define it are very obscure. As if you've drawn out a map for us, in invisible ink and in foreign language that only those in the inner most circle understand.

The way society seem to define what beauty for women is, you need to be slim, blemish free, your breast and buttocks need to be big yet proportional, your hair needs to be impeccable and any imperfections need to be done away with cosmetic procedures. Now although your view of society has been mapped out it's a challenge to take the first step. The first step is hard to take, because we can't decide where our foot goes. We use magazines, news, Hollywood and the media as our compass. They all lead us around circles, because they can't even decide what they want.

beautiful-quotes-images-4.jpg (500×330)

The others who think they know what's in 'style' or 'fashionable', and we're also left with one question. Who has the right to judge other person, for what they look? When question is hung over us, like a mistletoe, we can't help but kiss each other butts under it. One person like some else dress, and suddenly it's a fashion statement or trend. Fashion seems to be creating an army, an army of society's beauties.

But what about rest of us, where do we stand in the war of beauty? We're fighting everyday on the front lines, just trying to survive. Our weapons of choices are kindness, optimism and love. We pour water on the robots, so their makeup washes off and the fake shell they live in explodes. Society is your army is filled with the millions who left behind, and have no where to go but with flow. As for our army, we're all here by choices. We could have been brainwashed by you, but we escaped that fate. We made our own path, one that hasn't been walked on by everybody else.

Everyone draws their own path, you don't have to go to a certain way to get to your destination. Everyone picks up their own marker, and draws the line they choose to follow. Girls or women, we are so beautiful. More simply saying, bring it on!

To be beautiful is to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by the others. You need to accept YOURSELF.

Mirano Mira.

Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar : Beauty Tips

Vinegar is a wonderful, and inexpensive which is an addition to your beauty regimen. Vinegar can help restore the natural acidity of your skin, which may clear up skin problems such as dryness, itching, flaking, and acne. Not only works well on skin, but is also a hidden gem that beautifies your hair and body. Since vinegar is rich in antioxidants, it fight againts free radicals that accelerate aging process. It also soothes and disinfects thanks to it anti-bacterial properties. 

1895_710005695691711_633000689_n.png (480×480)

I've been actually tried this since I was young, and this miracle solution actually works well for me
. Apple cider vinegar is usually head-to-toe beauty cure for all. I have provide several solutions for you, as you can stay beautiful without a fortune.

Face Wash 
Mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water for a simple, but nourishing face wash. The vinegar wash will help restore your skin’s pHlevel and normalize your sebum production. This means less breakouts, oily skin and reduces the chance of infections. After washing, don’t forget to moisturize with your favourite moisturizer.

Conditioning Hair 
If you want to restore your hair pH level without using any chemical, try to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar (diluted with few parts of water) after shampoo. I always try this routine, and it is able to make my hair shiny and moisturize. Well, it doesn't smell as much you expect and your locks will definitely be shiny and strong in no time!

Dab a small amount of vinegar under your arms and go! The smell will be a little bit strong at first, but it will vanish once it soaks into your skin.

Whiter Teeth
You can use vinegar diluted with water as a mouth rinse to kill bacteria. You can also brush your teeth with mixture of vinegar and baking soda. These ingredients will not only whiten your smile, but it will also combat tartar buildup. Voila, it's a complete oral hygiene!

You can try these methods. You'll be surprise with those benefits.

Mirano Mira.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zoo Volunteer 2014

Assalamualaikum my dear readers,

Ya ya. Aku memang dah lama sangat tak update blog. SANGAT LAMA OKAY. Atas sebab tertentu, kekangan masa dan sebagainya, memang aku tak aktif sangat nak berblogging kalau nak dibandingkan waktu aku umur 12 tahun dulu. Hehe. Nak pula lagi beberapa minggu sedang menghitung hari piano exam aku dah dekat. Trial pun akan menjelang tak lama lagi. Jadi, jadual aku memang terlalu padat tahun ni. Yes, budak besar lah katakan -___-

So anyways, pada tanggal 10 Jun 2014, aku dan budak-budak Melawati volunteer kat Zoo Negara. Satu pengalaman yang cukup manis, baharu, dan sangat berguna kepada aku dan rakan-rakanku.

Kumpulan kesayanganku!

Kumpulan aku dapat Bird Aviary, maknanya kena cuci kat tempat burung lah. Pertama kali aku pegang pencakar untuk membersihkan tempat burung. Hehe. Memang syokla. Cubit-cubit roti untuk makanan burung. Bagi flamingo makan ikan yang fresh gituu! Group lain ada yang cuci tempat harimau, kerbau, akuarium, dan sebagainya. Penat, tapi memang berbaloi!

Cubit roti!

Kalau korang tak ada buat apa-apa waktu cuti, aku highly recommended korang pergi volunteer kat Zoo Negara! Nanti akan dapat sijil. Lagipun, volunteer ni kira value added untuk resume kita bila nak apply scholarship/kerja nanti.

Memang banyak yang aku dapat belajar dari volunteer ni. Aku dapat belajar, betapa susahnya orang yang selalunya kita pandang sebelah mata iaitu penyapu sampah, dalam menjalankan tugas. Kami sapu dedaun kering 7 orang pun, Ya Allah memang cabaran. Bila dah sapu je, ada je dedaun nak gugur balik. Itu tak sapu 'kandang' burung Emo lagi. Dengan pasir bagai. 

Daripada situ, kami dapat belajar betapa susahnya orang nak cari duit demi sesuap nasi. Ingat kerja sapu sampah tu simple ke? Kalau orang yang kerja zoo pula, banyak betul tugas yang perlu dipikul. Nak cubit roti 7 orang pun makan masa. Apatah lagi kalau seorang je yang bertugas untuk cubit roti?

Serious, kalau diberi peluang lepas SPM ke nanti, aku nak pergi volunteer kat Zoo Negara!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Assalamualaikum semua!

Sedar tak sedar, dah berbulan-bulan lamanya aku tak update blog. Dah macam rumah usang blog aku ni. Sekarang, kehidupan aku terlampau sibuk. Nak pula tahun ni clash SPM dengan piano exam. Memang aku agak terkejar-kejar jugalah nak buat macam-macam benda. Nasib baiklah tak pergi tuisyen. Or else I'm going to be flat like zzzzz -.- Itu tak masuk rutin menjahit aku lagi. Hehe, jangan terkejut. Aku dah mula berkecimpung dalam bidang jahitan sejak cuti sekolah tahun lepas. Alhamdullilah, sekarang dah boleh jahit baju kurung sekolah sendiri, jubah A cut, dan princess cut.

Antara hasil jahitan aku.

Kalau nak diingatkan zaman lampau masa aku budak-budak dulu, waktu aku darjah 6 lah waktu yang aku paling rajin tahap giga suka update blog hari-hari. Lepas tu, aku dah tak berapa nak update. Yelah, darah mudah kan masa tu :P 

Memandangkan tahun ini merupakan tahun terakhir aku di alam persekolahan, tahun terakhir aku pakai uniform sekolah, dan tahun terakhir aku panggil guru-guruku 'cikgu', insyaa Allah aku akan konsisten update blog. Aku taknakla lepaskan saat-saat manisku di alam persekolahan. Sebab nanti bila aku tua, bolehla aku baca balik post-post havoc aku masa muda-mudi. Hehe. Sekarang ni pun aku baca post waktu aku sekolah rendah, haha serius rindu bangett.

Setakat ni, life aku masa Form 5 so far so good. Nak cakap happening sangat, takla juga. Sebab tahun ni kelas aku di Blok E, jadi agak terpisah jugalah dengan kelas-kelas lain kalau nak dibandingkan waktu Form 3. Semua in a one roof. Senang nak tengok muka batch kita orang. Tapi yang paling best Melawati kali ni kantinnya mantap! Tak macam dulu. Semua bersemangat nak makan bila masuk je waktu rehat. Termasuklah aku :D

Cuma aku rasa life aku agak hambar sikit tahun ni. I don't know why -.- Tolonglah, happening sikit macam Form 3 dulu ke? Anybody who agree with me? Oh ya, aku tak rasa budak-budak sekolah aku baca blog ni.

Oh ya, tolong doakan aku supaya aku rajin update blog. Aku pun tak tahu lerr followers-followers aku masih mahu baca atau tak blog aku ni.