Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, hello charming. I wish I can meet someone like you in school.

Hey readers. School was kinda vapid today. My maths teacher didn't came same as my BM teacher. So, I did some summary and essays only. I received my number for my school cross-country tomorrow. Hehe, I just can't wait for my school carnival tomorrow! Well, it's my first year in secondary school so I probably don't want to miss it.

Exam will start next week. Dear brain, are you ready to enlarge the gig?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The choral speaking was a success! I was quite nervous during that time. Yeah, that's my first performance in secondary school so hehe you know what it feels. Expecially the part that I had to shouted. Omg, everybody was asking me to do it again. The shout. Lol. I will do it for certain times, kay? But we were in big group. No need to scared, right? The teachers said our performance was amazing! Billions of thank you to all Melawatians! Even 2M and 1L said we did it great. But.....

To whom it may concern,

Expecially 1N (for certain people)

You said that our performance was sucks. 1M sucks you said? Say whatever you like, I know we made some mistakes like it's not loud or whatever it is. We practised it in only like 1 week. But the problem is, can you do it better than our class? Not to say we proud or something, but judge yourself before judge the others first. Sucks like hell. Did you just say suck? HAHA, so funny la you. Coward. I asked you to speak infront of the crowd, korang kata TAKNAK! See, coward to much? Mengata orang, dia yang lebih.

Back to my story, I reached school at 9.30 am. I went to school early cos my mom had a lil' bit appoiment. I stayed in library and read Geography book. Haha, the test is next week! Of course I have to study. 2M. My dream class, haha. But, I managed to get only 45.6% from what I read? Why?

  • There were a group of guys from 3H were disturbing and flirting me. - Thanks to some sis in 3H, who protected me from them. Hihi <3
  • The library was too noisy.
  • I get bored easily and then I read my novel :D
But I studied okay! Amirul came to the library. We did some works then the access room opened! Hehe, my fave place in school. We did  and search some informations. At 12.15, Amirul and I went to the canteen to eat. I spend 3 bucks for fried rice and 2 bucks for a drink! What a waste, lol. Then, Sarah came to trained us a lil' bit before the performance. The choral speaking!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tag From Fatira

Okay, ni first time dapat award dari Fatira 

1. Anda mestila mberi pujian kat owg yg bagi awards ni.
     Terima kasih tak terhingga kepada adik manis Fatira ini :)

2. Sila beri award kepada 10 blogger yg lain.
     Para bloggers yang membaca blog saya, jangan malu-malu nak ambil ya *uhuks*

3. Anda mesty menberitahu 10 blogger yg lain .
    Okay, dah bagitahu :D

4. Bagaimana anda merasa blog anda best , or great ?
     Dua-dua boleh? *syok sendiri*

Thanks for the award Fatira :)


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Mi mamá me pidió que le borró la cosita escuela alrededor de mí. Ella dijo que tengo un mal sentido. Al diablo con eso.

Friday, July 16, 2010


 Location : England

It's freakin Friday today - so I went to school a lil' bit late. Nah, it's 10 minutes before Maths period. Did some Maths revision during the period. Heh, I wanted to learn Polygons so badly. During recess time, I was fooling around with Kimberly at the canteen without eating anything. Since I dind't eat anything, I went Coop school to bought Chupa Chups. For God sakes, lots of students went to Coop just to photostate some worksheets? So, I had to waited around 10 minutes until I can bought my favourite Chupa Chups. 

Had BM after that and learned some new pharases. 96.5% of the class sounded so sleepy. Haha. Well, I got an opportunity to ate my Chupa Chups lollipop in class. Hehe. So, I practised choral speaking in the class during English period today. You know what? I started to miss Melawati 2 already! Cos we used the Melawati 2 choral speaking script. So, I felt the love in 1M. You know, Melawati 1 + 2 = 1M= 1 Malaysia. Haha.
Can't wait for the choral speaking performance :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Approve Some Request

 Ni pun dah penat dah ignore. Kalau tak, 900++ la alamatnya.

Dear readers, I just want to inform you. If you want to add me in Social sites or whatsoever you wanna add, do contact me through blog so that I can add you. Cos I don't add strangers.
I am sorry to those who added me, and I dind't approve! I am so sorry. Do contact me first, kay?

Yahoo Messenger

Plus ; Myspace yang lame :D

Thanks! I love you guys <3


Hey peeps. I went to school very early today. I arrived around 12.20 pm. I spent my time with reading Sugar and Spice while eating High 5 bread and Sweetie. But sorry, tak kenyang pun. Isi perut je. Tunggu sikit punya lama, no assembly at all. Chatted with Suraya for a while.

Striking Layout

Hey earthlings. Korang, ada perasan tak? Yeap, I just edited my layout. So, nak kasi credits kepada bloggers yang kasi tutorials ni :-

Strawberry Milkshake

Then, benda ni pun dapat dibuat dengan jayanya! Thanks a lot korang :) Oh, tak lupa juga kepada :-

Alya Chan

Secara tak langsung, Alya ada juga kasi info tentang edit-edit blog dalam blog dia.

Cantik kan blockquote ni? :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How A 7-years-old Kid Describes Sex

One night a curious 7-year old went up to his mom and asked “Mom, what’s sex?”
His mom replied “Go hide behind the curtains in your older sister’s bedroom, come back after a few hours and tell me what you saw”

So the little boy obeyed. An hour and a half later, the boy returned and his mother asked him “What did you see?”So the boy recounted his story…

“Well, it started like this. I was hiding in the curtains right? And it was getting all boring and hot in there and I was thinking of coming out when the door opened.

Older sister came in along with her boyfriend so I stayed put and hid myself cause I know sis would get mad at me if she knew I was there.Then, the weirdest things happened. Her boyfriend must have been getting cold because he put his hand inside her shirt! And after a while I think it got colder because he put his other one inside her skirt this time! He was smiling and she was too and I thought it must be warm in there for them to look so happy.

Then I think they started feeling too warm so they started taking their clothes off. I think her boyfriend was hungry now because he started sucking on her… errr… whatchamacallems… anyways I don’t think he found milk in there but he still tried. And then he pulled out this eel out of his pants and I think they didn’t like it because he tried to suffocate it with some plastic tube thingy and he was moaning and big sis had her mouth on it and I think she was trying to bite it out.

She was unable to I think so he laid down and she went on top of it and started jumping up and down to try and kill it! And I think the eel was fighting back because big sis and her boyfriend were moaning! Poor them! That eel must be a meanie!

I think they were successful after that because after they finished I saw that the eel was limp and looked forlorn. The guy then took off the plastic and it looked weird because its blood was white. I never knew eel’s blood was white.

And then he flushed the plastic thing he used to suffocate it and they put their clothes back on and they looked happy, because I think they managed to kill that scary eel. Man." I didn’t know sex was that intense”

Monday, July 12, 2010


Now, I can breathe with peacefully. Well, most of my sheeba History folio is almost done. Just a several page more to go. Did you realise that I dind't update my blog for a month of Sundays? Well, I'm currently in the mood of blogging now. So, this is what I did last week.

1) Took my report card
2) Tortured my eyes
3) Completed NIE magazine!

So, my dad took my report card at school. My class teacher said that I'm a dilligent, always answer teacher's question and I like to fight with Amirul Zain. Aww, ain't that awesome though? Then, I also have to tortured my eyes - which means this bloody guy became a prefect. I don't think he's eligible enough to become a prefect. Well, he's extremely envy with me just because I have 2k of friends in Facebook. I think he's kinda rude to my History teacher. Naninibugho masyadong maraming? I taught you reached your puberty already yet you behave like a 7 years old kid? Oh please. You just make me hit the ceiling. You're on my list, A.

I probably can't wait to received the Pizza Hut voucher. Haha, I completed 2 NIE mini magazine last week. It took 2 days to completed that stuff. FIFA World Cup sudah habis, tunggu Form 5 pula boleh tengok. Hmm, so sad :( Lagi sad, Spain-der menang. Okay, I'm not interested with Spain, but I like Real Madrid! Germany patut menang, but try next time lah. At least you managed to get top 3. Germany, I will always support you no matter what happen kay? <3

Wanna know about my latest development right now? Hehe *drum roll*

Scroll down please :)


 My short story was already published!

Go to your nearest bookstore and buy it now! The price is only RM16. My title for short story is Kisah Si Dua 'N' by Najwa Amira. Now, I just have to wait patiently for the payment :)

p/s : Dear Riha J, I love your Gadis Piano very much! <3