Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm Back I'm Back

It's been almost 3 months I didn't update my online journal. Apologize me for such a rude absence, my dear readers. I have dozens of task to do that I need to complete it as soon as possible. For this so called PMR year, life could be hectic sometimes. Yes, I need to rearrange my schedule when it comes to 'leisure' activities. 

March Test was quite easy so far. Surprisingly, I found out that Mathematics was super easy. Haha, and I believe Mathematics and Science for Form 3 are much more easier that last year. For this so called holiday, I plan to finish up my Mathematics and Science syllabus. I believe that would be a better world for me to live on this galaxy since the teachers are rushing up to finish it  at school - which I afraid I can't get it even one thing. And of course I have to get ready for my so called piano exam which is just few months more. And I need to finish up my Geography and History folio. And some random Visual Art works. And some presentation. 
I am not complaining, I am just saying.
Pilot in the making. Amin!