Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka Yang Ke 53!

Dear Malaysia,

Happy merdeka yang ke 53! So, setakat ni Malaysia makin lama makin maju. Let's see. Malaysia dah ada angkasawan sendiri, kereta yang cantik-cantik belaka and banyak lagi la. Dah la ranking 37 negara terbaik di dunia. Alahai, memang bodoh sesiapa yang tak berbangga jadi rakyat Malaysia. Kita boleh hidup aman harmoni sejahtera Malaysia dengan kaum lain. Senang cerita, 1 Malaysia! Makanan pun haish. Nak kena cerita juga? Kalau orang tanya fave food aku, mestilah aku jawab "Malaysian food is my fave food". Satu hari, aku akan mengangkat lagi martabat Malaysia di mata dunia. Insya Allah.  Apa pun...

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka! (laungkan sebanyak 7 kali :D)

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke-53 Malaysia :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fly Away

Finally. The crucial exam was officially over. Now, I just have to study end of year school exam. I think I did it very well, and now I just have to pray so that I can pass succesfully. What was past. Now, I can happily enjoy myself. The most interesting part, I skipped school today :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Before The Crucial Exam

Finally. I can write something on dearest blog right now. I just don't really know what to write now cos I'm currently in the state of anxiety. Nyeh, tomorrow I'm having a piano exam. Argh, relax Mira. Pray to God, a lot.

This morning, I dind't go for ICTL class cos my mom ask me to practise piano at home though. I reached at school about 10 minutes before the assembly started.  Listened to the teachers talk. I was quite glad that my class gained second position for Cleanliness Class Competition. After assembly, my BM teacher had an oral so I asked my teacher to tested my oral first. I can do it very well. Hmm, then as usual. I had Science -  I already learned the last topic in Form 1. Maths? Teacher gave us a rest. For Religious Study, just did some notes and for History, teacher explained to us about the folio. Nyeh, I almost done my folio.

Now, I should get off from the laptop and refresh my fingers and review some exam pieces, Improvisation, Hearing and Sight Playing. 


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grade 3 ABRSM

I woke up in the morning like 5.20 am for sahur. I ate some dates and drank 3 glasses of plain water. Then, I slept again until I woke up back on 8 am. I hit the shower and get dressed as fast as I can. Since my piano teacher had to go for a concert, he asked me and friends to come at 9 till 10 am. So far, my teacher said I can play my exam pieces very well. Hmm, I glad to hear that. I was doing my improvisation and what did teacher said?

Mr R. : Amira, do you got distinction for ABRM?
Me : Err, I didn't get the result yet.
Mr R : I saw your results. You got distinction, congratulations!

I was so freaking, shock during that time. I just probably can't believe it! This is my first time for ABRSM. I taught I'm gonna pass my exam not to flying colours but wow. Impressive, haha. I also received RM50 from Yamaha and RM10 from Mr R. Yay :D

134/150, nice.

Mr R. talked to my parents included my friends parents after the class. He said that I improved a lot since I was 11 and so on. He gave me a big compliment, according to my dad. In the class, I and Li Shea took ABRM for Grade 3 and I'm the only one got distinction. One of them are already in Grade 5. I was so honoured. Hehe, my friends parents also said "CONGRATULATIONS!" I was like, "hehe thank you" :D Miss C - my ABRM teacher also very happy for me. Nyeh nyeh nyeh. Going to grade 4 next year :)

After class, my parents decided to buy a new clothes for me at Sungei Wang. They probably happy for my distinction. Hehe.

Dear readers,

Wish me luck for my Yamaha Grade 6 on this Tuesday :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember Me?

 1000++ friend request. HAHA! Okay, not funny. Sorry :(

 Do you miss me?

Sorry for my rude absence, dear readers! I've been busy with my preparations for my dearest Grade 6 piano exam and school assignment lately. So, hows your Ramadhan so far? My one is good. I received my school exam results with a cheerful face. I increased a lot for BM and Maths and the other subjects too. But, I decreased my Visual Arts! From B to C =.= Okay, this is the worst mark that I ever gained in my life! Man, my new teacher is so strict about Visual Arts. Heh, she's an examiner for SPM Visual Arts. No wonder. About the class position, it was quite. satisfying. Increase lagi :D
 First day of Ramadhan.

It was raining cats and dogs lately. Hari-hari mesti hujan. Balik sekolah mesti baju basah. But my school uniform tak basah lencun kuyup semua tu. Biasa je cos I will cover with my tudung. Actually, I always want to have an experience mandi hujan basah lencun. The one thing I hate about basah lencun is, transparent. When our school uniform become wet, the cloth will transform into transparent and people will completely see your sexy body. 100%. Ouch. It will be more worst, if your school uniform is purely white. Lol.

Moving on, my Friday is not something you would want to hear about. It was a regular Friday, I went to piano class today to practiced my whole exam pieces. Went to school after that and we had Maths on the first period as usual. We're gonna end Maths chapter by next week, I think. I also received one bad news today. I have to do another History assignment for PMR. Okay, I'm totally gonna be freaking dead student who stayed in front of the laptop for a long time. This is secondary school life. Dead.

Someday, I wish.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan 2010

Happy ramadhan to all boys and girls! I hope, my Ramadhan will be better than last year. Same goes to you too :) It's hard to be a big girl, so I hope that I can puasa penuh this year. No ganti. Haha. Big girl memang macam tu.

p/s : Currently downloading some Ramadhan songs.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear faithful blog readers, August test was officially over. But it dind't make any difference. Tomorrow I'm gonna get English, Maths and Geography results. I got an apple for Science. So far, August test was pretty okay. Lol, I always said that for every exam *_*.

 I woke up on a very warm Thursday morning at about twenty minutes past five am early in the morning with no first thoughts but a blank mind. I forgot some of the History facts. I know, this thing shouldn't happened. Everybody knows that I love History like, yeah. I ate 5 pieces of Gardenia with butter during sahur. Then, I studied some History facts and I managed to remembered all of them! I slept after that and I woke up back about five minutes past nine am. Read History again till' I managed to catched up all those Johor stuffs.   

I went to school at 12.30 pm with wet school uniform. It was raining cats and dogs. Met Emir after that and I asked him for Skittles. I ate 2 balls of Skittles and only God knows how much yummy it was. After morning session students had gone back, I went to class to revised a bit for History. During that time, I realised that I accidently ate Skittles with a guilty feelings. I was fasting! Okay, nevermine. Maybe God wanted to gave me a provision. Hehe.

During Visual Art test, I was really bored. I finished the tone colouring for 35 minutes. For History, I finished it in 30 minutes. Then, the exam was officially done! Everybody was shouting like yadi yadaaaa. Oh come on. This is not PMR or SPM.  You don't have to clapped  your hands out or shouted like hell in school. Moreover, you even haven't finish your end of year exam yet. Pervert students nowdays.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Spot me! I'm the one with the blue shirt number 0590 :)

Hey earthlings! Are you fine? If you're fine, good. Now, I have to be a temporary handicap girl. Why? Because I ran about half of Taman Melawati yesterday. I walk like a handicap! Like a itik pulang petang. Slow motion walk. I cramped my legs. I look like a penguin. Haish, tomorrow my friends will be jeering me. Seriously. But still, I enjoyed the cross country very much. 6 kilometres. The boys ran double from the girls. Cayalah korang! Imagine, boys ran until Desa Melawati. Girls had to ran up the hill. So tired. I saw this old lady, jogged all around Taman Melawati! First, I met her at the hill. Then, I met her again infront of the Tamil school. WOW!   

But I am still proud. I managed to overcome my closest friends and my friends that are quite tall, including boys! This cross country was very fun. I wanna do it again for next year :)

I was quite disapointed cos I was in the top 30++! Like, 33 or something. Uhh, if I sprinted, maybe I will won. Hmm, nevermine. I'll better training it from now. Who knows, maybe I can win next year.

Melawati Carnival was awesome. Yunee and Nadiah also came yesterday. Surprisingly, I brought 40 bucks to school and I didn't spend even 1 cent! Awesome right? Thanks to Amirul cos he treated me a tiramisu.

Me being ugly, stink and exhausted.

Just studied for BM, English and Science. I'm freaking scared for Science chapter 4! Argh. Dear August, please don't make me down. Will you? My Yamaha piano exam is in 3 weeks. Pass pass pass. Set up in your mind, Mira. If I pass this exam, I can continue for a Yamaha Diploma. Oh come on, who doesn't want a diploma?

 Happy August!