Monday, September 19, 2011

F1 In Schools - World Final 2011

Trans Tasman Racing
(Australia + New Zealand)

Hi! Today I went to a school trip to F1 In Schools at Double Tree Hilton Hotel. I can say that the program was extremely amazing and of course, fun. The best young engineers, business minds and designers, students around 9-19 years old from over 30 countries come together at F1 In Schools to race their cars, present their designs, 'pit' the displays and engineering innovation to compete for The Bernie Eccelstone World Champion Trophy. To make it simple, I really learned lots of things from this trip. It really inspired me to masuk this F1 competition nanti.

This is just additional. You might say I'm a bimbo if you read this paragraph. Haha. I also managed to take pictures with all those handsome mat salleh + minah salleh. Haha seriously! If you want to find face like Justin Bieber , Cody Simpson, or whoever you want, you can meet and greet them at F1 In Schools. I got their business cards and of course I'm gonna email all those hotties! Last but not least, I managed to gain some new friends, which I never ever tegur them in school.

They used a lots of Ipad to promote their booth.
(One of the hotties :D)

The racing!

Budak yang syok sendiri ambil gambar dalam lif.
Gambar lain ada lagi. Sila tengok di Facebook nanti. Adalah gambar saya dengan mat - mat salleh tu :P

Sunday, September 18, 2011

18 September 2011

Today, I keep telling myself that I must update my blog. No matter what happen.

  1. I managed to play the Bach running song.
  2. Read a newspaper about this orang minyak.
  3. My hair is extremely in a control condition.
  4. I want to go out.
  5. But it's raining cats and dogs.
  6. And I'm hungry.
  7. K, thanks bye.

Mirano Mira.