Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Music Page

Hey earthlings! Guess what? I deleted my Myspace Music page already (again) ! Haha, but I created a new one. I uploaded a new song just now. Which means, you can hear my voice yang agak nyaring. Okay, my voice bukan sesedap mana pun. So, feel free to comment :)


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey earthlings. Today was kinda, a so-called bad day. But so-called happy day for Navishaa. Happy birthday makcik! Firstly, I have been scolded by my piano teacher. Waa, just a little tiny part *it's not even 1 bar* also kena marah like I can't play the whole song. Second, my mom said I'm a cemerkap girl. Just because her fork terjatuh. Cause the fork was wet, memangla terjatuh. Oh, God. It's just an ordinary fork that she bought from Langkawi. Not the Corelle that she bought from US or Royal Albert in UK. Pequenas cosas como una escena de uno de el mundo? Heh, todo lo que. Como que me importa.

But, there's one thing could make 23 of May 2010 was a happy day too. Check this link below! Congrats to Alya Chan and Riha J too :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


How many weeks I dind't update this so-called online screen journal? 3 weeks, heh. I have many things to do this month. Like ; 
  • Dozens of sheeba  folio
  • Study for exams - which means I have to enlarge my brain's gig.
  • Practise a lot for my piano pieces - Yamaha and ABRSM
  • Get ready for my UPSR 5A's Hi-Tea :D
  • Fasting -on hot 'summer' school days. HEH.
Can you imagine that I have to do 3 tae folios in a same time? Okay, tae and sheeba means shit in Tagalog and Korean. The Sivic folio was tottally sheeba! My so called 'lovely' teacher asked me to write the school rules in the folio? I wasted my paper a lot. Nah, it's a past tense. What can I do -,- For History folio, my parent's won't let me to do. Why? Cos the teacher ask me to photocopy my parents + grandparents confidential document such as IC, academic certs and blabla. Isn't that confidential? Just for a bloody PMR? Oh, God! Even my English teacher disagree with the folio. Yesterday, one of my classmate said there's a Living Skills folio after the kerja kayu project. WTT? Urgh, todo hastio! -,-

So far, I managed to learn some languages. Such as Korean, Mandarin / Cantonese and blabla. HAHA. Credits to ze internet and lovely schoolmates! Auf wiedersehen - means goodbye in German!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hey. Finally, I update my blog. Ain't that awesome? NOT. It's 12 o'clock on 1 May 2010 and I'm blogging! Okay, so far I received my number in class. 12 -_-. But the percentage was quite okay. Fuh.

I went to night market yesterday. The most interesting part, I saw my 2 ex-tuition mates. It's Amir and Amar! Heh, I wish I can talk to them. I miss them so badly. Plus, they wore an invisible high heels. Nah, just kidding. Isn't that incredible, 2009 they were 150++ cm. 2010, they transformed become a girrafe. 160++ cm. Me, still 155 cm :(