Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Yes,it sounds weird.But it's the truth.People will always said this"You're so lucky".Okey,straight to the point.My schoolmate loves me.Gosshh,i admit it.He is so not smart.Sorry,i dind't mean to make you down.I love you Miraaaaaaaa.Kiss me through the phone.Again,it makes me regurgitate.Whattheheckk?You're dind't got 5As,concentrate on your studies.Not LOVE.If you love me,thankyouverymuch.I love other boys too.For me,i treat my friends just the same.Friends are special.Sorry,harsh word again heh?As for me , I just tell people off when I feel like it.Sorry.:)

The Climb

There it goes.I have to climb all those mountains to reach my dreams.So far,my trial isn't that hard.I mean,moderately okey.Did i mention about my Upsr trial?The teachers make it last minute.But,no worries.I've ready:) Relax,Mira,relax.I probally couldn't sleep at night, so i've just opened my Ipod,and played slow songs to soothe me to sleep.The most exciting part,i've download all those Taylor Swift and David Archu's songs.Seriously,your songs are way awesome.Our song and You belong to me and Zero Gravity and The Show are pretty sure among the best.So,you can ask me to sing all those songs,anytime,anywhere.Join me?

Saturday, June 27, 2009



Hey earthlings.Sorry for my absence. Did any of you had internet difficulties just like I did yesterday?The services provided are getting worse and worse each day.Agree?I'm currently blogging at Kopitiam again.Hahas.The speed of the wifi is very delicate,you know.Nothing fun much about yesterday. Just the fact that Yunee gave me two bottles of nail polish,for my birthday.Yes,envy me.She loves me.Get that?


Overall,today was just hectic. I guess 'overworked' is the suitable word.My parents took the report card.Blahhhs.My marks were un-consistant.At least i get all As for my English.Jai ho!Damn the Science.Haish.Sorry readers, I think I have to start using polite words when it comes to expressing my thoughts.:D


My dearest friends,was so shocked about the MJ deaths.Haha,you're gone for good,MJ.Yayyy,Mickey Jackson has perished.You're never thankful to God.You've did all those lousy treament for your face.And,that's it.Your face like a monkey:) But,i do love your songs.Most of them,i heart Beat It.Yeah,owner of this Kopitiam is tuning all those MJ songs.

Thursday, June 25, 2009



Hey peeps.I am currently blogging with Bangi Kopitiam Wifi.Hee.I am so tired actually.Very.Some of the teachers dind't come,so my friends and i stoled the time.Yeah,you know Amaline Che Bakri?She got 17 As for 2005 session?Thats her tips.And i think it's a good idea.See?My Maths marks are getting very gratifying.Haha,envy me!


I saw some of my teachers at Bangi Kopitiam.Wait,there's a gossips.Blahhs,i'm so not gonna tell you.And i'm so not that bealive what's infront of my gloomy eyes.Is that true?


I'm currently chatting with lots of boys at myspace right now.I don't know they are so irritating.Yeahh,itchy boys.Can you stop asking me about couple?I know,i'm single.But i'm a UPSR candidate la weyh.I want to gain 5As.Same as you right?Oh ya,73 days left.And you know what?I saw Adi Putra(the genius Maths) at Bangi Kopitiam right now.And he is holding a SLR camera.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Hey life tracker!You are a life tracker.I'm so tired now actually. I so feel like sleeping now ! My bed's waiting for me. Heee.I got home around 2 something.And had Wendy's for lunch.Anyway ,it's almost the weekends.And I don't have any homework.Not so weee. I feel like crying now.Arghh!Cause i'm really like stress.UPSR,again.

Fucking Happy

I feel so intoxicatedly blessed. Haha. Guess what , Mama got her own laptop yesterday and that means this Acer is finally mine. Yay :)Mama bought this little mini white laptop for herself.


I'm currently miss my little brother in London,i miss my neighbour Brandon who always seem to disturb me.Hahas.I want to play with you:D I miss being seven, I miss the old carefree days, I miss the stench of the cinema, I miss the Linkin Park songs.Ya, the one with the exclamation mark.I miss the United Kingdom.I miss Stella.I miss running around in the rain. I miss my childish life.I miss my old exams.I miss everything i want to miss.Now,is anything missing ?My dearest UPSR,74 days.Got that?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Windy Bitzy


Hey peeps.I've just got my "lovely" food. Damn the Mcflurry. The size of the container and the Mcflurry "stuff'' is as big as the creator's brain.I probally can't finish it.Heee.Anyway,seriously.Today seems lifeless since I was probably half dead all the time.Most of the time,i think i'm gonna half-fail the damn mid-year exam cos I haven't paid much attention in absolutely,er,everything.Ohh,i just don't know.I do paid attention,very.And i just got 4A 1B.I know,not that
gratifying right? Damn Science.My section B was more stronger than the other exams.Damn it,section A.Shit,my parents will come to school to take my report card.OhmyGod,i'm sure i will be scold.Humans,should my books be more seducing,magnifient,to attract me to read it and do some revisions?My dearest vvip UPSR is currently,in 75 days.Yes,every single day,my parents,friends,and teachers,will remind me.Thank you.


I repeat it again.After UPSR,i want to disperse.Yes,i hope can gain 5As.I know,i'm sure i make you regurgitate reading my blog,ay?Who cares?This is my blog,not yours.Najwa Amira,i bet your 5A's is in your hand!

Forever is fine

Monday, June 15, 2009


Free Show.

Heyya.School was so nice,no homework.I mean,just a few pages.Good results gave me spirit to learn.Hee.I get the highest marks for Sivic.Awesome right?98,pffht.Hakim made my whole class watch his free choir performance plus opera. Ope-boring.He loves to make a free show.Perhaps you can perform your show at Culture Palace?Hehe.:D


Ahhhh,maybe I just should stop putting more mental force on myself. Sooner or later,this little brain affliction will soon be gone.The thing that made me happy today is,my Maths answer become very brillient.I know,i'm so weak in Maths,seriously.And today,i can score my Maths paper easily.Thank God.


OMG, I'm so really very famished. I want to grab some food at my neigbour house,hehe,but I just feel so tired and of course,lazy.Haishhh.Pluss ,i feel so sorry for myself.Seems like I've been spending so much time pressuring myself on my future UPSR exam.It makes me stress,almost everyday.I just want my life back.No pressure,and all those misery stuff.
Heee,I need to stop before I start to attract oafs with lame emo shit to my site.OMG,what happen to me?Hehhh,i think i'm quite retard.I knew that.I'm such a stupid retard girl,right?All carefree and all intense on just having fun.Hehe.Blahsss,emo fuckshit.Thanks,to Yunee,for brighting my day.Iloveyou,as a best friend.Okeyy?

If I could fall, into the sky, do you think time, would pass me by???????????????

Monday, June 8, 2009


She's ok.She's nice.She's friendly.My besties friend since Year 3.Then,you pindah pergi Kelantan.Year 6,tadaaaaaaaaaaa.Wee Yun Nee.Hahas.IMYSM! I sms you,chat with you,apa lagi hehhhh?Oh ya,tulis surat:)HAhahaaaaaaaaaaaa.See that picture?We all photogenick enn?Siap pout lagi.Kalah Fie CBN.Haha,don't get mad Fie.Form 1 ni en,ikut i pergi CBN jom.Or AB?Haha,maybe.Don't you ever leave me alone.Boredom la nanti.Seriously,you're the best among the best!

p/s:Waniii,gitar camni best tau:)Haha,cantik en?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Takde Kerja

I've played guitar last 6 hours a go.Haha,my fingers are now red,lebam,and ada kesan pisau(kinda).By the way,i've made a song.Hell yeah,idknow what im writing.Okey,try jelah.Masih budak baru belajar:D

The chords sound so nice,but the lyrics like er,tah.Lyrics just short.I wish i could watch House Of Wax and Haunted Mansion.Erghhh,this school hols,lepas belajar buat apa?I'm die-yingying.:p