Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday was awesome!
Yes,the best part was...

My friends pretended that we have a birthday cake,although its not.
We took an English Textbook Year 6,put an eraser on it.
Thenn,they sang birthday song for me.
Haha,it was fun.

I blew the 'candle'(eraser).
We pretended that we ate the 'cake'.
Full of knowledge.
That was the best birthday that i ever had.
Im 12!

I received lots of presents.My fave part.:D
The best damn present that i received are Espirit watch,handbag and music box.
Dammnnn beautiful ohh!

Monday, April 13, 2009


15th April 2009

Im currently waiting for that moment.
Yes,it's my belated Birthday date.
And,im gonna get IC soon.Weee!
Anything for me?
I want the oh so foxy W705 !
Will you get me this?Please?:D

Aha,my parents just bought me a brand new acoustic guitar.
Oh,tottaly cool man!
I played the guitar until i cant do my homework:D
My fingers become red like a bloody vampire.
Oh ya,my lovely mama just bought me a ritzy dress!
Goshh,you gotta love it damn so much.

I've been dreaming about my crush,lately.
Haha,anoiying H:D
I dont want you,big mouth!