Friday, July 31, 2009


From my dearest adik,Raihana Osman.

1. What is your name : Mira

2. A four Letter Word : Moon

3. A boy's Name : Mirza

4. A girl's Name : Mila

5. An occupation : Moonwalk Dancer

6. A colour : Moonish

7. Something you'll wear : Maybelline's makeup

9. A food : Mango:D

10. Something found in the bathroom: Masker.

11. A place : Manchaster

12. A reason for being late : Miss the bus.

13. Something you'd shout :Mummy!

14. A movie title :Madagascar

15. Something you drink : Marigold

16. A musical group : My Chemical Romance

17. An animal : Mouse

18. A street name : Manchaster Street

19. A type of car : Mitsubishi

20. The title of a song : My Love

So Close

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.

-This thing just gave me a creep

Hey.I received my UPSR slips and timetable today.I have to check all those numbers and the name.Okay,take a short breath,Mira.Everybody has a butterfly in the belly right now.Fuhh,thank God.I get an oppurtanity to study extra one day on this week.Yay!Monday is a holiday.As usual,I accidently slept during the Yassin.Ahh,I finished my homework around 12 pm or something.Exhausted.I'm not the only one who has bouncy way anymore.

I have a knee ache right now.Sounds odd.Alyzack kick my table for no reasons.So,the table kena my knee.Ahhh,I'm feeling like dieyinng.I kick you million times,baru tau.And the most annoiying part,he said "Salam takziah".Then,Goh's turn to disturbed me.Well,he danced like a ballerina.He walked like a girl.Of course,I spoke to him with the good reasons.For no reasons,he catched me like I'm a criminal.I ran as fast as I can to my place like people who saw a vampire.Suddenly,Alyzack kacau daun.Haish!As soon as possible,I said "Goh,please act like a boy.Walk like a boy.Not a girl!" For the first time ever,Alyzack be a lawyer to Goh."You're a bloody hell." Little did i know,I never said this word to anyone "You're a bloody ass,Alyzack"

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

Yawww.Haha,I'm happy.My Science folio a.k.a Report is already finish.Yay!This report thing doesn't take a long time to do.It is only in 10 minutes.Heh,the most instant report that I ever made.Aha,I played Restaurant City already!No wonder my friends were getting addicted with it.I just played only a few minutes.Hehe.At last,I became a singer again at school last morning :)

Saturday is coming.My school are having this Mini Sports for Level 1 pupils.And Monday,it's gonna be a holiday.Yay!
Finally,an exotic getaway.Okay,maybe the word isn't avant garde. But still,I have this State Examination.Included next week.So,I have to put more effort for this two exams.Nevermine,I just want to get 5As.That's all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

Hey.School was okay.Nothing much.Ahh,I took a wrong medicine.It should be the non-sleepy cough drugs.Made me sleepy all day long.Simillar as sleeping pills.It's like taking a million of drugs.And I can't be the most hyper-active singer in class today.Haishh.I'm listening too much Emo music today.Oh come on,who loves to get 15th place in your class?I hate it.Although I gained 5As.What a shame.My friends were standing on the top ten ranking.Me,just standing on an idiotic number.

Kimberly seems to be notice of my behaviour lately.I'm no longer an Indipendent singer in class.No more jokes.No more movies or dramas.Kimberly,you're such a good friend.You notice of my everyday an annoiying and irritating behaviour.I don't know that you're miss my F sharp voice.Teehee :) I can't wait to let you go.40 days left.I wanna online 24 hours per day,outingoutingouting,my dream cellphone,Langkawi Island.What else?Anything missing?Oh yeah,chat more and more with Emelia Bahari and Balqis and Zeka.

Yess!I did it.Please be envy with it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

-Ignore the view.It is just an old house.

Greeting worms.I'm currently doing my Science folio.I never knew that my Science Practical needs a folio.The last time I did my Science folio,when I was 2nd and 3rd grader.Usually the teachers gave me an experiment.Thank God,I just need to do only one silly lilly page.The problematic is,I don't know how to draw.Everybody knows,that I'm suck at drawing.I need to send the Science correction and folio on this Friday.Okay,enough about the folio.My UPSR trial state level is in next week.Nah,sounds like sarcastic.It's like killing two birds with one stone.My life is so a busy boredom.I wish my life is fun as yours.No piano exams.

Next year,my life is gonna be same.Nothing different at all.3 piano exams in a same time.Ahh,I wish I could be 1st grader.Easy.Haha,I think I babble to much,isn't it?Speaking about UPSR,did I mention you about the days?41 days left.The teachers love to give their students a creep,isn't it?

I have to ignore you for a while.Sorry.

Monday, July 27, 2009


A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.

I'm gonna miss your all your films,Yasmin Ahmad.Your films are superb!I can get all those messages that you're going to say.I adore Mukhsin and Talentime films.Seriously,your films are among the best in Malaysia,that I ever knew.You made Malaysian people proud of you.The Berlin Festival,Japan and all those awards.May you rest in peace,Yasmin Ahmad.God loves you more.

So far,my Monday sounds good.Nahh,even I received a love letter.
Okay, ew.Is that supposed to be sweet or something?Ahh,if the boy sounds so gentlemen,why you have to do all these stuff?Come on,just face to face.Easy.Nah,I haven't finish this story yet.I wonder who gave me the letter.Actually,Amni and Suraya decided to prank me.Sounds like eff-you-see-kay.They said that they wanted to make our friends relationship become closer and closer everyday.Kurang asam punya kawan=p But,nevermine.They said sorry.Heh,thank God I dind't took it serious about the love letter.Or else,I look dumb infront of friends:( Oh boy,I keep thinking about you.

Ekbal tak puas hati=p
And,you should have a blog,you know.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires

-Ekbal called me a giraffe.At least giraffe,rather than an elephant:D

Hey people.Sorry for my absence :) Heh,I have to do 5 metres of homework everyday.Not to forget,revision too.Well,at least I released my tension already.I went to Pavillion last evening.My mom wanted to get herself a handbag.So,we're headed to Nine West.I dind't get anything.Nahh,doesn't matter.Nothing much in Pavillion.The clothes were just lame.I going to shopping at Langkawi and UK,after UPSR.

I started my exam pieces today.It was quite hard.Expecially the chromatic skills.My fingers are way exhausted now.But,nevermine.The song patheticly soothing and relaxing.So,I not really tension to learn that song.Blabla.I also have to transpose this cat song into E flat major.Urgh,I have to find all those flats again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


The superhero's on a vacation, I don't want the sidekick.

-Hail Haris is so funnay

Greeting worms.I keep saying YES,YES,YES!Aha,every second,minute and hour.Imagine that :) Guess what,I got 5As!Yahoolalaweewee.3Al and 2A2.Oh so yes,I hate that.However,I'm still happy for that.Oh come on,it is only a trial.It is UPSR.Can you imagine yourself,taking SPM?Even a trial?Aha,I do love Biology.I stealed my pet sister's book.Biology is beyond awesome.I freaking hate that part when it is time to operate the rat and frog.Oh so ewww!Plus,it requires a lot of MB in your brain.Let see,I have a brain of 50 MB.Which is,I can easily forget when people starts to disturbia me.Oh yeah,my mom start talking about the secondary school.She want me to go to Brass band and Orchestra school.That would probably be Convent Bukit Nenas or Seri Bintang Utara or St Mary.I prefer CBN and SBU.Well,CBN is an afternoon school while SBU is a morning school.My parents prefer morning school :) Ohh,me too.And my mind started to get 'into' the complicated:D It means,I keep thinking about secondary school.OhmyGod,keep thinking about UPSR first,Mira.

With my new earphone,I can hear my Ipod safely safe and sound.Hee.Last two months,my earphone was such a bitch.I had to twist around the wire.Oh so sh*t.Then,the problematic was getting worst.I had to change the position and all those misery stuff.Nowww,the next revolution of earphonee!I can change my earphone's cap anytime anywhere.It's in the set!According to my mood,I prefer blue.Cause it match with my Ipod.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey.Let's talk about school.Well,my school had an Active Day school level this morning.I've danced poco-poco.Imagine that :) With retarded dance,ha?ha? words were all around.Oh come on,just dance to the rythm.Ahaa,not to forget.All those aerobics.L.O.V.E and Dealova.My friends were patheticly destined to be a talented singer.Yeahh,they should.Seriously,they just love singing.Apart of their life,isn't that true,Teenagers?

Seriously,i got my Science an apple.Increase baybeh!And,my religion school was a champion for the exam thing.Yeah,Gombak Zone.Weeho,happy.I want to ask you,am I flirt?This boy a.k.a maknyahtahpape,said I'm very flirt.Wtheck?Did i mention you why I became flirt,suddenly?Whoa,he always kick my chair when i was doing my work.Irritating part.The most anoiyyyyying part,he asked the teacher.The vocabulary of flirt in Arabic.Yeahhh,you're airhead!You're think you smart enough?Oh,I think you tripple misrable than me.

This Johannian guy,asked me for a cellphone number.Pffft:DD

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yo people!My Religion examination were quite easy.I can do it well okay!Haha.Kinda proud.Although my nose was doing some 'technical' problem.Hee.I met Iman too.She knows me.That means,i'm popular at Myspace.Hee,vain too much :D She was very nice and friendly.I like her!Okayyy,first of all,everybody knows.The Manchaster United thing.Glory MU!Haha,i'm the biggest fan of MU.Plus,Real Madrid.Don'tget wrong.I'm starting to like Real Madrid,when my blogger friend,Amirul Akmal wrote about RM in his blog.Seriously,you're freakas RM addict!They won since 1969,you know.Er,if i not mistaken le :D Go MU!And Malaysia too :)

See that girl?Emelia Bahari!She's the girl with that brit accent.Heeee :) You're the first,friendly girl that I've ever had in Myspace.I always remember that moment.I'm sorry if I never had an oppurtanity to talk with you,babe.Seriously,I want to chat with non-stop after UPSR!I always want to meet you.Imagine if you were in Kuala Lumpur :D Then,we can go outing.Together and Forever.You know,how hard it is to find an astonishing friend,as you?By the way,Happy Birthday Emelia Bahari!I'll always pray for your success.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey peeps.Heh,my trial exam is over.Hahas.Finally,i can take a rest for a while.I'm currently have a bad dry cough.It is so irritating.My throat is getting itchy and ichier.Wasn't that bad?Blahhs.I've just got my BM paper.Okay,second highest.Still so not gratifying.I watching Yiruma's Maybe music video.Seriously,you are my idol,Yiruma.Oh yeah,Science and English were very easy.I'm just needed to screw up my brain.That's all.No offence,yeah?

When I got home, I spent an hour on the piano and guitar.Hahas.Zack asked me to practise The Show song.And,how come he asked me to practise Michael Jackson's songs?Haha.Too much heh,isn't it?Wee,NajwaAmira's is currently addict to Yiruma's song.Weeiho!
Yunee was planning to go outing after Upsr.We're gonna watch New Moon.OhMyGod,it reminds me about Edward Cullen.How hot is he,right?Well,i think StephenieMeyer stories are beyond awesome.It's all about the Earth.You see,Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn.I'm gonna get all those books,Stephanie!Well, speaking about movies,I can't wait to watch The Chronicles Of Narnia : THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER .You better google it,ya!It's in 2010,peeps.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Heyyo aliens.Maths was freaking easy.And i was patheticly bored after Maths exam.My head was fully conqured by English and Science info.Well,i've played a game with Yunee,Amin,Zack and Hakim.The most anoiyyyying boys.It's a singing show.I've never though that i can sang like Lenka and JamesMorrison.Proud babeeh:D The boys' can't barely stop sang Michael Jackson's song.But,who cares?The songs are quite nice,too.

Yes,last day bebeh:DDDDD

Monday, July 13, 2009


This dress was to awesome!

Wassup humans.I've just got back from my study table.Isn't that nerd?Blabla.Not so,i guess.I think i tripple bimbo and misrable than you do,right?Blahhs.Come on,Upsr is around the corner.My PMR is in 2012,which is the goverment going to change the language.Can't imagine.It is not in English anymore.In BAHASA MELAYU.Hey dudas,who loves English.Let's pray to the Lord and let the miracle happens.Who knows?

Blahhs.It was so fun today.6th grader were changing their place last afternoon.It is for the trial,dude.The turns number of number turns.Blabla.Who cares?I've been mixed with 3 pupils form Wawasan-ers.Okey,nevermind.Who the hack cares?At least,Murni-ers are all there for me :) Haha,Faris too.I never though that he was friendly.Like,i never talk to him before.We were classmates.I mean,only once in my life i talk to him.When i've corrected him from facts or something.Yeahh right,headoftheprefect.Angel infront of the girls eyes.I'm not that bimbo,okey?I'm just bombo!:D

Blabla,i'm so not gonna write my blog until the sacrifise going to end,i mean this week.Get that strangers?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yo dudas!I'm currently blogging at OldTown.Isn't that delicate?Well,my trial coming.In this week.Take a note,then.I just took some money from my collections,hahas.To buy 3 piano books for the latest exam.Isn't that awful?I've just lost RM80.Aiyoo.But,what can i do?It's all faith!Look,next year.2 exams in the same time.Theory and Practical.May and August,if i not mistaken.Being a TEENager is not that fun,you know.Expecially you'll become an adult,i mean process.Did you get what i mean?And i've got this from Emmy's blog.

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answer, enter yours . Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers, you cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/ girl name question.

1. What is your name : Mira
2. A four Letter Word : Meet
3. A boy's Name : Mirza
4. A girl's Name : Mia
5. An occupation : Mouse catcher:D
6. A color : Moonish
7. Something you'll wear : Maybelline makeup:)
8. A food : Mango
9. A place : Malaysia
10. A reason for being late :
Must everyone come late?Why can't i?

11. Something you'd shout : Maaa!
12. A movie title : Monster Inc
13. Something you drink : Mango Juice
14. A musical group : My Chemical Romance
15. An animal :Monkey
16. A street name : Manchaster Street
17. A type of car : Mitsubishi
18. The title of a song : Move it

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Awak dah tak sayang saya:(

Yo people!I currently missing JAC course.Eee,now I'm having AXC 2.Freaking weird oh.I have to do too fast furious chromatic skills.The skills was too troppo
.It means to much.Okey people!I'm gonna use all those Italian words in my post kay?Theory thing always spin my head right round.I hate theory!I have to do to much writing and remember all those________I'm gonna sit for the exam next year.Urgh,my life was such a busydoom.Every year,i must seat for the exam.Aiyoo.Saya nak jadi budak kecil balik :)

Blahsss.My trial marks were getting and getting assai gratifying.Be proud,Mira:))) Ohh,it means very.The others,you learn yourself at home yaaa!I totally can't believe it.It increase excessively.Blabla.Expecially the Science.Proud gila masa tu dapat tinggi.Pfft.The teacher pun said " Congratulations,Najwa.Well done! " Well, you know how much i'm happy that time.Ehh,do you want to add any sin people?Okey,be a hackers then.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoy The Show

Heyya.It's Wednesday right?Okey,Mira.2 more months to UpsR.Taip pun dah tak betul.Haishh.So far,school was nice.Study group time,swine flu,and all those things that makes me happy wee wee.Teng,the brattest girl of all.She pushed my head.It was to hard,you know.I felt like,crying!Haha,padan muka.

First time,i touched boys hair.Goh Wen Jin.Your hair was so soft.Like rebonding!More softer than girl's hair.It's pity you,boy.Everybody calls you pondan.Haha.And,how come Zack told my friends that he is my couple?Hadoii!He's to lembut for me.No way.I just,like to make friends with him.Goh baik.The most anoyying part,Low Yi En aka Kimberly's future husband and God love to kick me.They were so anoiyying!Thank God,Goh's shoe dind't touched my face.Ewww!Geli siot.And i realised,there's a Edward Cullen in my class.Baru perasan.Maybe his hair he belah tepi kot.Haha,whatever.I lalalove The Show song.I want my money back!

It was really painful

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunshiney Day

Heyya.As you don't know,i dind't go my religion school almost 2 weeks.Hee.Okey,no matter what,i've been selected for an exam,represent my school.It's like a competition,but it's not.Only 10 people selected,including me:D I always dind't comme to school,but i still can get top 3.The secret is,don't forget to study.That's my secret from Year 1 until now.Heee.

Whatever.I just knew that one of my friends has this disease.H1N1 a.k.a swine flu.Whoa,i've quite shocked.But,thank God.He's health just came back to normal.He just can't come to school.Or else,our school will be close.Hee!3 other kids in Setapak Indah also have that disease.OMG,i don't want that disease.I don't want to eat 8 doses of medicine.Eww!

Thought I knew you for a minute but I'm not so sure.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Meet Emmy,my best friend in chat.

Hey bubble gum.It's bloody Saturday.So that means,my extra tuition class is starting.Oh mama,why you want to do all these?It's tired-ing,you know.Plus another extra class at school.I want all these stuff over.As soon as possibble!

Okey,i'm totally hundred percent bored.Well,my fingers are way bloody cause i'm writing too much,for the homework.Not all of my friends online.I'm sitting on a chair,looking at the laptop.My parents are not at home.They probably have an exhibition at PWTC.You know how much boring is my life,isn't?I don't have any siblings,i only play with things.Such as piano,guitar and laptop.Heee.They're my best friends among all at home.Not to forget you Tary<333.Not to forget,my besties in Myspace and MSN, Emmy,Zeka,Sabrina,Hail,Balqis.Seriously, you're the best among the best!

Friday, July 3, 2009


My face,when i webbo with other people:D

Hey doers.It's technically Friday,so that means my brain can have a little rest.
Not too much.Or else,i'm blur.It's July,peeps.That means,i have to start fasting this week.OMG,it's almost August.Perhaps,i need a little an energy to fasting during this tired-ing month?

Blahhs.I'm thinking, lately people always stares me and give a very nasty looks.Am i a criminal?It gives me an unpleasent feeling,you know.Dude,did i make you disgust me?Well,i'm sure you know me well.
I can easily forgive people when i like too.Patheticly,most of the time.Although the people keep disgusts me and makes me want to regurgitate.I don't care.I don't want the people keep saying this"Miraaa,i'm sorry.Please forgive me!".I'm very sorry and pity to the people did that to me.Let it gone by gone.But please,do not take an advantege from me.Lastly,don't judge a book by it's cover.It was so wrong.People always think that i'm so flirt,arrogant,expecially when you stay at top ranking class.Hey!Everybody have their own personality.And it's up to them to colour their life.

Love my layout?<3

Dude,does the pain weigh out the pride?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.

One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...

And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.

Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.

Hey life tracker.I've just got back from Amal's blog.I'm pretty sure that you will be a Xanga addict.Yeah,we're addicted to Miss Swift and Mr Archu,don't we?Heee.Wow,
i never though that second last Upsr trial would be this okey.Maths and Science were quite easy.Asking God if he could give me 5As.

My dearest tuition friends,i would like to repeat.Get your own ideas you copywhore.By the way,our teacher gave us a test.So,use your smarty brain to 'think' about the test,you bloody ass.I'm sick and tired of you CTRL+C-ing my essays.Ehh,did you know CTRL+C?Dude,you will so not going to get 100%.But you will get an error.

Give yourself some shots on your smarty brain so you would have a pretty brilliant essays and not those "Heylo humans!I'm miserable and let's take a look at what I copied from NajwaAmira's essays and you can tell me how fun my brilliant essays are.Lalaweeeweee.You really can cause instant irritation,bitcho.

I'm sure you're tired of my everyday babblings in this online-screen thing.Whatsoever.And that's why i signed up this blog.It's my pathetic diary online screen.
And You have no right to ruin it biatch :) It's like,Welcome To My Life song by Simple Plan.I'm very heart that song.I think,it's a part of my life.Don't you think?

p/s:Psst,this is my 301 post.I signed this blog since 10th.From childish,to matured writing:)

The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This song is very romantic!

Hey peeps.It's typical bloody Wednesay.First of all,welcome to the word of blog,Amal.And the most proud part is,she wrote my name in her blog.Weee.Amal's Xanga Blog.By the wayy,enjoy your blog dude.And do thanks to me for introduced that Xanga and catchy writing thing.Sanga or Xanga?I think it's almost the same.But no worries Blogspot.I adore you the most!

Err,i thinked someone watched me this morning.He gave a long nasty looks to me.That makes my face became wrinkles again.I don't want to be an old little hyper girl.Whatsoeverloser.Don't get make me disgust you,or else i'll give you the most annoiying and irritating prank that you will have.I'm so sure you want it :) Well,at least i gain an Apple for BM.*Drumroll please*I just checked out my Facebook.There's a lots of Super whatever game.Okey le:D

Blahsss,my piano teacher ask me to practise this song.HSM3:Can I Have This Dance.I almost reach it.Weeee.Speaking of romantic songs, i can finally play Bella's Lullaby song on the piano.I heart this song.Very.I wonder if i can play with the guitar?