Sunday, February 21, 2010


I found this crap in Tumblr.

Berangan ah kau Mira, dengan buku Sejarah kesayangan kau tu. Tunggu Sultan Mansor Syah rescue kau. See, I crap a lot. Exam is around the corner. Before school holidays. Tomorrow, sah cikgu bebel pasal exam. Padan muka form 2, exam this week :O ABRSM exam on this June. But still, March is for the trial. I taught boleh rest after that, but HELL NO. I have YaMAHAL punya exam on August. 2 piano exams in the same year. I really need to pass these piano exams, expecially Yamaha for Grade 6. I hope I can get B for my hearing test *at least*. 
Hehe, I can't wait to go to school tomorrow. So many grandma stories to tell. Plus, I want to see 'my lovely kitten'. Teehee, my favourite eheeemm in Melawati. Padahal kelas sebelah je :P 1 Maju suka langgar shutter 1 Efektif. Termasuklah saya :)
 I hate you 2010. Where's my 2009? Oh yeah, in my dreams :(

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