Monday, October 11, 2010

Yamaha Grade 6 Piano Exam, Pass or Fail?!

Shall I start with the yesterday story?

As usual, I woke up early with an eyebags. Went to piano class, as usual. Then, this kakak who jaga counter (haha) gave me an examination slip Yamaha Grade 6 Piano Exam. I was so panicked until my eyes terbeliak woosh woosh. During that time, I was hoping that kakak will give me a certificate. 

"If I dind't get the certificate, I will cry. I swear.", I said to myself.


That kakak gave me a certificate. That means, I passed my Piano Grade 6!

I was so excited then I showed the results to my ABRSM piano teacher. She was so happy to me too. I did it well! Ahaha, better than 2008. So, maybe next month I should start my Yamaha lessons back. Hell yes. I miss the electone and the ballad songs too.

I wish I can upload the cert picture. But I don't know why on Earth my blogger is such a problematic nowdays. Can't upload pictures :(

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