Monday, February 7, 2011

7 February 2011

Sekarang baru dah puas hati. Blog dah berubah, haha. Sorry for my very rude absence. I should say... this is more than rude? Aha, sorry guys. I supposed to update this blog last week, but I barely can't. I had a bad fever. So, hows your Chinese New Year? Mine was awful. Yikes.  Dealing with fever was one of the most worst feeling ever. I never had a fever since I started high school. First timer demam ketika sekolah menengah. AWFUL! 

Top Reasons Why I Think First Week Of School In February Is Awful
  1. My mom heard my horrible vocal voice in the bathroom
  2. I taught there was a ghost in my bathroom, but my mom accidentally switch off the switch for many times -,-
  3. I accidentally wore my friend's shoe. She made a sarcastic painful joke by saying "She wear glasses but actually she don't"

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