Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is Beauty is All About?

Assalamualaikum to my lovely readers.

This a post for me, and for girls who are currently searching the 'beauty' of themselves.

As we are living in this so-called society, I am tad bid confused about something. Something that should be simple. Something that you should have made clearer, instead of sending millions of other people like me on a wild goose chase in search of truth. What are we exactly searching for? Let me put it simply ; we are searching for what exactly beauty is, because the ways you define it are very obscure. As if you've drawn out a map for us, in invisible ink and in foreign language that only those in the inner most circle understand.

The way society seem to define what beauty for women is, you need to be slim, blemish free, your breast and buttocks need to be big yet proportional, your hair needs to be impeccable and any imperfections need to be done away with cosmetic procedures. Now although your view of society has been mapped out it's a challenge to take the first step. The first step is hard to take, because we can't decide where our foot goes. We use magazines, news, Hollywood and the media as our compass. They all lead us around circles, because they can't even decide what they want.

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The others who think they know what's in 'style' or 'fashionable', and we're also left with one question. Who has the right to judge other person, for what they look? When question is hung over us, like a mistletoe, we can't help but kiss each other butts under it. One person like some else dress, and suddenly it's a fashion statement or trend. Fashion seems to be creating an army, an army of society's beauties.

But what about rest of us, where do we stand in the war of beauty? We're fighting everyday on the front lines, just trying to survive. Our weapons of choices are kindness, optimism and love. We pour water on the robots, so their makeup washes off and the fake shell they live in explodes. Society is your army is filled with the millions who left behind, and have no where to go but with flow. As for our army, we're all here by choices. We could have been brainwashed by you, but we escaped that fate. We made our own path, one that hasn't been walked on by everybody else.

Everyone draws their own path, you don't have to go to a certain way to get to your destination. Everyone picks up their own marker, and draws the line they choose to follow. Girls or women, we are so beautiful. More simply saying, bring it on!

To be beautiful is to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by the others. You need to accept YOURSELF.

Mirano Mira.

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