Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thrills and Spills in Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang 2015/2016


I wanted to update my blog few days ago, but I've been busy giving my little sister's a hand for her very - first music concert. Haha! She was shy at first but it turned out well after the audiences cheered up for her. 

So, back to my main purpose. It has been two weeks since I left Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang or also known as KMKN. 

To be honest, I'm currently in a state of "OMG, is this how people say it is hard to move on?"feeling. Yes people. I do miss every single of you. I miss college. I miss everything about it. Everything.

It's an odd feeling when you know you can never experience your classmates bullying you again *I love you T08 muahxx*, consult your lecturers whenever you have difficulties in studies, lepak in PSP, animals sightseeing or  probably by staring at your favorite boy/girl at DS in the morning what colour is he/she wearing today and yadiyadada when they wear the same colour as you! - Those were my main favourite activities.

My kesayangan, T08

This college has taught me everything, that I needed. From academics to co-curriculum, necessary skills to attitude, alhamdulillah I managed to obtain everything in KMKN. I was dubious at first at the very early of semester whether is this the perfect place to study or vice versa. If you keep track on my blog then you will know my difficulties during my 1st semester. But then, Allah showed me the light and road with the presence of amazing people for me to cope my life in college, and alhamdulillah I managed to complete my foundation studies in KMKN.

I pushed my efforts instead and let my expectations fall into place. During my semester 2, my main aim was just do your very own best, have reliance on Allah and obtain Allah's blessing. I never wanted the best possible academic results; I just wanted to become a better person. If that came at the cost of my academics, then I have and will proudly pay for it. 

What I've learn in college and soon to be applied in university, job's life and so onResults don’t matter, your efforts do. You know how much you’ve done, as we all aren’t paid equally for our efforts. Just give it your very best shot, because, though life may not seem fair for all, it will be - just like my experience in KMKN. We may not be paid today for our efforts yesterday, nor may we be paid tomorrow, but one day we will. Just ensure your intentions are pure and your effort is second to none, Insya Allah.

I am not sure who will read this, but yet I'm gonna grab this oppurtunity to give a huge appreciation to all lecturers in KMKN.

To my dearest lecturers,

Thank you for educate me to be a much more better and matured girl especially to my lecturers who have been teaching my lectures (you know who you are). Intervention programs that I've joined was blessing in disguise, I'll apply this sort of always ask your lecturers habit in university (thank you for the skills teacher!) and all those kindly guileless advice that you gave to me, teacher. Hmm, rindu nak jumpa cikgu kat bilik guru. You would always be in my thoughts and prayers. 

Semoga cikgu-cikgu yang telah mendidik saya dipanjangkan umur, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amin.

To all my friends,

Wishing you to fly in the plane of ambition and inspiration, and land in the prosperous airport of success. I hope I have made a dent in your heart no matter what size, for which you will cast that mold of your future which rests firmly in your hands. To that person, wishing you all the best in your bachelor's degree and may you have a great and successful road that leads towards your dreams, dear future aircraft engineer. If you miss me, kindly visit me in MICET hehe.

Yours sincerely,

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