Friday, April 29, 2016

29 / 4 / 2016

It's going to be end of April, and here I am currently waiting for my technical training which is gonna be in the month of June. Looks like I'm gonna spend my Ramadhan in Malacca.

I just can't wait to go to MICET. Can't wait to handle all those cool apparatus in lab. Haha I just miss dealing with chemicals.

Apparently, I've been dealing with this feeling since the first day I left college.

Everyday, I pray to Allah may you always be in Allah's protection whenever I miss you...wondering if you have the same feeling towards me...I tried slowly to forget you...asked Allah to delete your face from my memory...and it's just ahhh.... it's getting worst. We've never talked to each other before, I knew you secretly stared at me whenever you see me (and I did the same to you too). It's just sucks. Sucks.

I've wished that you would greet me and probably ask for a picture together...but too bad you didn't do it...although your friends were cheering up for you to do it. You were just behind me in the hall...I purposely chose the same location as you to snap pictures with my friends.. hoping for a miracle to happened..but nah too bad you didn't turn up to me. Too bad.

The only memory that I have with you was you were accidentally 'photobombed' in my picture with my friends. I truly miss you..and I really do. 

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