Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Choral Journey

Somehow , Coke gave me much more energy than mineral water.Ehh,Yahudi?
Not that Coca Cola bitch! .
Maybe I have occult powers.
I had choral speaking practise today.
Today is just not my day. I had to run my voice but my damn Ecpi was left at home.
Sprinting at first was okay but then I forgot , the disturbia mosquito can cause me skin trouble.
I recited the choral thing with an action.
Thank God Puan Hanisah and Puan____ said to me
"Najwa,you have a good expression face on the choral"
Ohh,i thinked that is a heaven word to me.

At that very moment ,
I just had to restrain my voice so I won't go to fast or else .
Ahh,(i just wanted to stop that time) ,
I continued sang+recited but in a slow speed to the finishing line.

I think choral speaking is a good activities to pupils,
Expecially who is quite weak in English,
Well,it try to improve my vocabulary!


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