Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Im probally insane right now.
One person makes me makes me looooonatic and become a patient from Hospital Bahagia or Hospital Rambutan.
Gee,i hate her!
But,i have to 'love' her cause we're the Choral Team.

Haha,wtv la.
She said:Miraa,ur hair is such horible!
Eee,how dare she said that to me?
But,thank God i dind't took that emotion into the choral.

Wee,can't wait for the choral:D
Hhha,Melawati2 always be'll the champion wehhh!

Pluzzzz,Sir Ahmad just came to our school 2day,
Whoaa,his English was very cool!
And,he told us after UPSR we're gonna have English Camp!
The most exciting part,THE BAND part and DRAMA!
OMG,damn fun!


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