Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dear B.First size 8,

I really hope that you will be on a cloud nine with your new master. I know that we spent only 4 days together. But, I started to feel like I knew you for 1 month! Maybe we are not destined together. We have to be separate. Size 8, I know I'm going to miss you so much. If only I could put you somewhere people can't find you...

To form 2 girl who accidentally took my shoes,

Nevermine. I forgive you. Promise me to take care my lovely new shoes properly, will you? You don't have to worry about your size 7. I promise, your size 7 will always walking on air. Although your shoes are pretty old and my shoes are extremely new... Hmm, feel like a loser for writing about losing my school shoes in school.
p/s: Actually, I do pray every single day so that I can meet my size 8 again. If only I can meet you in my fairytale life 


Tan said...

I'll get you a pair of size 8 for your birthday.

MIRA said...

Tan...You got to be kidding! :P