Friday, April 15, 2011

My 14th Birthday 2011

All I need is a birthday wish from you, bestfriend. Looks like you forget everything about me, huh?
Pray for Japan :)

I woke at 7 am this morning and seriously. I don't feel anything special or whatever that related to earmarked. My dad was the first person who wished me happy birthday and then my mom. My mom cooked pasta for me. Ohh I felt love! Being a 14-year-old girl is great, but I have to run a big responsibility at home. Nyehh, did some house chores. Then, I checked my Facebook I was like whoaa? o.o I got 100++  wishes already? Ahaha, I was wrong. I thought everybody is going to ignore my birthday. But I was wrong!

Then I went to school, some of my friends gave me presents. Included Pray for Japan Bear! I realised that only my girlfriends wished me happy birthday. What about the guys in the class? Isn't that obvious they trying their best to ignore me? Only Firas wished me. How mournful was that. I was so wrong, again. During Geography period, the whole class sang a Happy Birthday song for me and I was so speechless O.O Seriously, I don't know what to say. Terharu gila. Manzill also gave me a macaroon. Oh...I just wish I can eat some more! Delicious much? Bila nak balik turun tangga, Farah and Rozita wished me happy birthday. Included this one prefect named Amin. Tetiba je menyampuk wish happy birthday. But still, terima kasih banyak -banyak :) 

Bila balik masuk rumah, I saw a red rose on the table. I asked my mom who gave me the flower. How can she said that my boyfriend sent the flower to home? Haha, extremely hilarious. I don't even have a bf. Lol, actually my dad gave me. First time I got a red rose
Last but not least, I would like to wish every single one of you millions billions zillions of thank you! Yes, included my classmates, schoolmates and included people who wished me through Facebook. My Facebook wall is currently full of birthday wishes like 300++! Seriously, your birthday wish is like a present to me. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS 

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