Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June 2011

Something is not right. Before this, I never felt this way before. My emotional is being uneasy lately. Thanks to 'somebody', who just came into my life and make my life miserable. Before you thinking negatively, I am not in love or whatever that related to it. Not at all. Not exactly that 'somebody' came into my life, but my parents looked for that 'somebody'. I just met that 'somebody' like 3 times.

But that 'somebody' is being too over. 'Somebody' always screamed at me during keullaeseu. Like seriously. How can I do it correctly as 'somebody' asked me too if she used the wrong approach. She always knocked the 'gigye' using her hand or knock down the floor using high heel. I am not trying to say, I'm tradere doing this thing, but 'somebody' is being too aggressive. Seriously. 'Somebody' is impatient. If this matter persists, I will be not interested to pursue my grade.

Ma and pa

If you're reading this, please understand your daughter's feeling. I am not tradere, it's just the environment doesn't suits me well. I afraid this thing will lead me to depression. It's about my feeling. About my emotional. If my emotional is always uneasy, I afraid this thing will effect on my studies in school.

Individual doesn't suits my environment. I miss playing electone with my classmates. I miss doing ensemble. I miss doing concert. I miss singing in front of the class with my friends. I miss teamwork. I want a group class, not individual. 

Plus, individual class is just too expensive. Group class is much more reasonable. You can keep the money to buy a new piano or maybe save it for the other expenses. I just want my old teacher back. The old teacher who knows how to approach me well. As a proof, I did it well in my exam last year. I will not quit. I will make an effort for it. I have a strong feeling if get back to my old teacher, I will be better. Don't say that I am trying to run away from my problems. I'm doing this because I know I can be advanced. The old teacher knows me the best ma, pa. I have a very strong chemistry with my old teacher. 

To my lovely readers,

Please pray for me so that I can go and learn this music stuff with my old teacher back and God bless you :)

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