Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 June 2011

So technically, today is the last day of June. Mine was pretty good. Woke up at 6.10 am in the morning. I felt lots of better after recited the Holy Quran during dawn. As for me, Thursday is quite a dooms day for me. Then, I went to piano class with being a hopeful feeling. I hope l'enseignant wound't have any PMS today but I was wrong. Okay, let's just skip that part. I felt like kicking the piano during that time. After class, I walk to Rotiboy and only God knew how much annoying was that. I was wearing my school uniform and people like stared at me   ike I skip school. Haha, I just simply showed my big piano book to like everyone in the mall? HAHA! To proved that SAYA TAK PONTENG SEKOLAH! Wallawe -_-

During the choral speaking practice.

But overall, I enjoyed with so much fun la today. We did it extremely well for choral speaking. Plus main tembak-tembak NERF! Haha. To other Melawatians, please be jealous. Because 2 Maju 2011 is the best among the best! :) Like seriously. Only like 2 freaking days, we did perfectly. Memang tak disangka lah en. 

Main tembak-tembak whiteboard time!

Can't wait for the district level :D

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