Monday, March 10, 2008

Kena Tag Dengan Farihah

1.When did you bought your pet/pets?
Since year 2005.

2.When is the most embarassing moments in your life
Erm..i went to the wrong class..huhu

3. What make you hate your fav. food all of sudden?
Maybe there is a fungus on it.Yuck!!

4.Do u love to watch MyGirl?
Of course not.I dunno that program..

5. Who is the first person that wish you 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'?
No one.Because my birthday is 15 April..

6. When is your fun moments in your life?
When i can reach my ambition..

7. Have you ever drank oil that you think it was tea?

8. Do your teacher ever said to you 'You are the bad student in my class!'?
Of course not!I'm the best student in my class!

9. Who always make you laugh?
My friends and my dad.

10. This is the last question: Do you think you are going to marry the person you love now in the future?
I think so..hehhe

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bagus.. dapat jawab jugak soalan ni yeh... bagus bagus

nie riha ok. malas nak taip nama haha