Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey. Just downloaded Starstrukk song. Now, there's a new website to download songs. DILANDAU 

I'm extremely happy today.Tauhid and Akhlak as easy as pie. I hope Sirah and Khat will be too easy tomorrow. Teehee:) Khat minta2 tak keluar khat sulus. You know, I rather read Sirah book as thick as encyclopedia asalkan tak buat Khat. Expecially khat sulus. Just because of khat  students can't achieve 9As. Equals to 8As. Ahh! I want 5As+9As=14 As badly. 1 month lebih je UPSR nak keluar. I want to score 5As with flying colours. Grr!
Who's the trator burn sekolah sendiri? Dah ah menyusahkan budak nak ambil PMR. Thank God! It's only 75 candidates. If there were too lots of candidates mcm my school mcm mana? UPSR candidates at my school around 320++, if I not mistaken. Cause my school consist 11 classes for 6th grader this year. Seriously, kids nowdays are burden. Sorry to say that. For more info, CLICK HERE  I better hit the books right now. Tomorrow, I'm gonna MERDEKA! Needless to say, I'm gonna be a couch potato again. LOL! I can chew the fat with you guys again. Then, I'll come to light with my songs. If I diligent. HAHA xD

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