Friday, October 16, 2009


 Testing testing =.= Updated editor dah OKAY! Muahaha xD Ily Blogger. Post dah tak sawan mcm haritu dah. Haha:D

As usual, school holiday harini. Idk, Mwt 2 cuti tak? Meiyin said Half ckp cuti, half tak. So, do your own holiday la.
Well, my mom took some food from Aunty Faridah. I ate too much food. Gahaha. I wanna be fatfatfat. You know, being a kurus kid is so irritating sometimes. Pakai seluar londeh =,= Sometimes je. Yang lain okay juga.

Today, Facebook-ing je tau. I beat my friends score in Crazy Taxi baby:D At last. I've been craving to beat it for a long time a go. Since tomorrow is gonna be a Deepavali festival, I'm gonna go to my teacher's open house. He invited me. What about Sunday? Another open house on 8 pm.

Ahh, Idk idk idk. Which school? Fine. SMK Taman Melawati first. I hate evening schools. I can easily yawning. Morover, though subjects are coming. Oh, I love History and Geography and Science form 1. There are super awesome subjects. My mom keep asking seriously like "Mira, ckp betul2. Nak pergi sekolah mana?" I keep saying "Idk mama. Suka hatilah. Hantarla AB ke, Sg Pusu ke, blahsss" I really really don't know.

Lantaklah. If dpt Mwt, dpt kelas Perdagangan pun okayla. Like 1 Sejahtera, Kreatif or something. Blabla, results pun tak keluar lagi. Heh.

Happy Deepavali!

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