Monday, March 15, 2010


Hey-lo. I'm alone and I'm currently stuck at home. Well, my papa went to cut his hair. My mama? She's in Dubai with her collegues. Me, study + FB-ing + surf internet for Korean food + editing my Sivic scrapbook. I'm craving for Kimchee actually. Usually, my mom will make Kimchee for me. Heh, I asked my papa to make it. But, he refused to make it and he said "I afraid tak jadi" Haha, okay. Whatever.

Yummay xD
Kimchee is any one of numerous traditional Korean pickled dishes made of vegetables with varied seasonings. A common manifestation is the spicy baechu (cabbage) variety. Kimchee is made of:-

  • Chiniese cabbage
  • Flavoured with seafood or spices

 ++The magazine Health named kimchi in its list of top five "World's Healthiest Foods" for being rich in vitamins, aiding digestion, and even possibly reducing cancer growth. However, here have also been many scientific reports, published outside of Korea, that show evidence that Kimchi is a risk factor for gastric cancer. This is due to N-nitroso, a possibly carcinogenic compound, that can be found in kimchi. South Korea currently has the world's highest rate of gastric cancer. 
 But still, Korean people has a beautiful skin. Like, no pimples. Grr, I wish I can be a baby again. No pimples. Expecially when I go to an evening school I can easily get:-

  • Sweat
  • Oily face
  • Small pimples on my forehead

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