Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Time Ever

Cool collections for this week, huh?
Sorry for my absence, earthlings. I'm quite busy nowdays. Heh, I dind't go for Pertandingan Kawad Kaki today. Hmm, Kadet Polis won the first place. I knew it from Facebook. Well, Earth Hour is on 8.30 pm. That's why I am so spiritish using EARTHLINGS word. Guess what? I read all these books today. From morning to evening.

  • Sejarah
  • Science
  • Geografi
For now, I have certain parts to remember. You know, whatsoever function of the microscope. I don't have any problem with other subjects *I guess* except with Living Skills. Ngeh, darn it. Okay, my cousins are coming.

Wish me luck on my first FORM 1 exam yaaa. Love you :)
Wanna be Paparazzi? Or Mamarazzi? x) 
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