Monday, October 3, 2011

3rd October 2011


  The most unproductive day of the week - 3/10/2011
  1. I read Geography Form 1 syllabus.
  2. I eternally yawning.
  3. I had my homemade mushroom soup + homemade bread that my parents cooked for me.
  4. I keep asking whats wrong with me.
  5. Wondering why on Earth I can't keep a fat in my body.
  6. Or maybe I will get fat, anon.
  7. Read #studtweet
  8. It really helps me.
  9. Now I'm feeling hungry, again.
  10. And I asked myself why I wrote this.


Amir Baker said...

Dont be fat like me. You'll regret it

MIRA said...

MANA ADA YOU FAT -_- I lagi la, pakai baju seluar semua tak cantik sebab tak ada isi 0.0