Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sum Up 2015

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful, I begin my post with.

Frankly speaking, I think it is not too late to summarize my 2015. Basically, this was the year where my new adventure begins, full of excitements thrills and spills and of course this was where I truly understand the quote "life is a wheel".

So, my adventure began with PLKN. Yes, I was an ex-trainee from PLKN Tasik Chini Resort, Pahang. PLKN wasn't that bad as I thought. I managed to obtain new friends from Selangor/KL, Terengganu and also Johor. My brand new experience gaining friends from the other states haha! I learnt essential soft skills, team building, community servces and all those sorts of kawads, wirajaya and stuffs which were cannot be buy with a value of money. Yes, priceless experience.

Oh yeah, did I mentioned you I became a candidate for PLKN's election?

After, I completed my PLKN, well  another new stepping stone*drum rolls* begins. I received my SPM results. I didn't get 10A+s. I was damn frustrated at first, but I managed to hiked up my confidence level back after I attended several interviews.

Alhamdulillah, I didn't get straight A plus, but rezeki was all there for me. For every single interview I attended, I managed to obtained all of it. During the interviews, I was surrounded my brilliant people but I kept telling my self during that time "Never mind Mira. You have your own abilities.

During the interviews, I knew I managed to capture attention of those interviewers. My confidence level was damn too high. I knew I had to stand out from everyone else who get brilliant results.

With my SPM results and rezeki that Allah gave to me, I managed to secure a scholarship from Yayasan Peneraju. I've been offered to CAT-ACCA which stands for professional accounting, and I've received countless of university offers included my ultimate favorite university that is well-known for debate, UIA.

Apparently, most of my universities offers lead to engineering and accounting. Needless to say, I didn't get medic. Probably due to SPM results were not straight A plus though.

I did solat istikharah and ask my family opinions. And here I am. Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang. Currently having my foundation here. Another 2 months to go.

My crazy classmates Einstein

Entered pidato

My life in KMKN was truly challenging at first, but it went well afterall. Alhamdulillah.

Anugerah Sijil Pengarah Ceremony

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Fauzan Mokhtar said...

jgn risau, bnyk cara nk amek medic, thru diploma pon boleh sbnrnya