Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Azzam Azzam Azzam

Bapak banyak org suka Azzam doeeee xD

Heyyy. Sorry for my absence. Wait, agak lama la absence tuuu. I suppose to update this online screen diary about 2 more hours. But, nevermine. Di atas permintaan Emelia Bahari, rajin nak update twice a day!

Actually, I wanna update this blog on 1st December. Unfortunately, my laptop has been attacked by bloody virus 'Sality Gen'. Yeap, note that. Then, few days, laptop dah OKAY, but still keluar message apatah. Now, tinggal nak beli Antivirus 2010 je.

Speaking of Azzam, ramai gila org suka kat dia doe. Kakak tua pun busybody nak snap photo dgn dia. HAISHHH. Last concert,  show feeling gila en? Me loike it xD *oh, Elly and Alya nak berebut Azzam erk?*

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