Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shopping Spreeeeeee

The reason why I don't want to get couple during school time is : I wanna get married with Korean people after university, Amin! HAHAHA xD *Kim Beom hottt enn?*
 Hey. How are youu? So far, my life is great. Although I effin hate to go to high school. I hate Form 1 *pula*. Balik petang je tauuu =______= Urgh, I wish I can go to morning school. Sampai rumah mesti 7.30 pm mcm tu. Haishhh. Haha, bebel lagi. Belum cuba, dah comment melebih.

Blablabla, I went to Sg Wang last morning. After ate roti canai, terus vroorroommm pergi sana. Thank God tak ramai org. Walked around, bought some clothes too. Guess what? I got my new watch already. The price is affordable and reasonable. It's almost the same with Swatch watch. Quality pun okayy. Unfortunately, I really really what this one skirt. But, I can't try it. So, mama afraid if pinggang besar jeee. Haha, keding tak terkata :D Plus, I saw many types of prom dress. Hell yeah, I'm still young. Going 13 je. Still pendek and kurus keding. Nevermine, nanti besar baru pakai *insya Allah* 

Then, papa bought a pen and a necktie. Jalan and jalan, ada this activity for chiniese kot. People dah start berkerumun kat depan stage tu. Ada show. Kaki lenguh tak terkata, then BALIK! Oh yeah, I managed to find Lee Min Ho photos in Malaysia kat Google *Boys Over Flowers actor* Ala, kenapa la tak tengok BOF dari awal. Dia datang waktu October kat Sg Wang juga. Haishhhh. 

One day, Kim Beom's clone or whatever will be mine. AMIN!

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