Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Jews Are So Smart? (Part 1)

God, this is thing is so 'addictive! Cos I wonder why most of the Jews are so smart.. and RICH! I can't deny that Muslim intellectuals of their past is a smart and experts in various fields. Why? Because they practice what is taught by the Prophet. Same as Jews too! But Muslims nowdays no longer practice the teachings of prophets. This is what Jews do in everyday life that I just translated it in English - try to practise these in your everyday life kay?


In Israel, after knowing that the mother was pregnant, the mother would often sing and play piano and the mother and father would buy a book of mathematics and solve mathematical problems with her husband. Haha, ain't that romantic though?

You can eat beans with almonds and dates of milk. For lunch, the main meal of bread and fish without the head with a mixed salad with almonds and a variety of legumes. Fish meat is so good for brain development and head of the fish contain chemicals that can damage both brain development and growth of children in the content.  Wow, no wonder they are so smart! 

Wait, those who memorize the Al- Quran are also encouraged to take raisins, almonds, dates and milk to improve memory okayy? That's what I did when I was in religious school. Hehe, I gained the best mark for that :D


They prefer to eat fish once - the fillet, and usually meat will not be together in the table if there is a fish, according to them, do not mix meat and fish eaten with the good. Nuts and beans are a must, especially almonds.

They will absolutely eat the fruits before eating the main meal. According to them, eating meals with carbohydrate then you eat fruits, it will make us feel and weak and difficult to understand the lessons in school. This is also the Sunnah of the Prophet that eating fruit before eating heavy food - dah tertulis dalam Al-Quran dahh


According to scientists at the University of Israel, the investigation showed that nicotine can damage the human brain key Tues and will stick to the genes, this means that smokers will take generations of descendants of the defective brain or stupid. A horrible discovery was found by scientists well-studied genes and DNA. Ironically, the owner of the largest cigarette manufacturer know right.


Jewish children is so smart and they understand the language of the three Hebrews, Arabic and English, and realized they were trained early to play piano and violin, this is an obligation. According to them play music and understand the notes thereto to increase the IQ of children, and certainly will make the them smart. Infact, shaking music can stimulate - like exercise for the brain so that there are many musical geniuses of all Jews. No wonder my parents sent me to Music School, haha. 

Primary 1 to 6, Jewish children are taught the concept of business mathematics and science education is a priority. Comparison with children in California, is far different from the IQ and can I say, six years back! Wow, amazing enough. All lessons will be easily caught by the Jewish children. 

Apart from earlier studies also sports an obligation on them and the sport's priority is archery, shooting and running, archery and shooting can train the brain focused on something besides facilitating the preparation for national service. All three sports are also organized by the hadith of the Prophet of Islam, but implemented by the Jewish people who know the benefits, hehhhhh.

For high school, students will study Science and education points are encouraged to create their products, the project seems to although sometimes it is funny and silly, will be scrutinized more seriously, what more is in the form of weapons, medicine and engineering, the idea will be brought to the institute at the Polytechnic and University High. Urgh, I'm getting jealous of them :@


At the end of the university, students are required to do business in the field and practice your project and will only be passed if your group (10 students per group) to a profit of $ US1 million! WHAT?! That is the reality, with networks around the world and fully sponsored by the Jewish-owned company, it is not surprising that they have the upper half in the world of business! Who's making Levis's latest design?  It was created by faculty at the University of Israel business and fashion. HEH!

The proportion of Jews with IQ’s of 140 or more is estimated to be about six times the proportion of any other ethnic group.

To be continued. I am so tired typing this out already. Hope you enjoy :)

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