Sunday, June 13, 2010

About Jews (Part 1)

Hey! Erm, I think I should use the word assalamualaikum instead of using hey or hi. Did you realise that I changed my layout? See, I am so rambang mata. Pantang tengok benda cantik sikit, nak ambil je tahu. Since I have no work besides checking new fashion, I decide to make some research about Jewis.... Israel. I bet people all round the world feel extremely exacerbated with the Zionist forces who are brutal and cruel. They have no mercy even once!

Jews are known to be proud, arrogant and stubborn. They do not 'have' pleased with the Muslims as the word of God which means: "Jews and Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their religion (a form of)." (Al-Baqarah: 120)
But, one thing The Jews are concerned if...

The number of Muslim congregational prayer at dawn the same number of Muslim prayers Friday! This is acknowledged by their own intellectuals.

Aren't you worried? I am worried because there are shows that 80% of Muslims are not praying. That is not prayer at all. Imagine also that prayer without knowledge, without any appreciation, and without humility? So how many people cut is really competent to face the Zionist true? 

 Eleh, kalau demokrasi sana-sini, bakar bendera Yahudi tu, tak solat takde guna juga. Lebih baik solat subuh berjemaah. Allah lebih suka kalau kita buat benda macam tu kan? :)
Jew who really knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Muslims as they know their own child (Al-An'am: 20) 

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