Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Day Of Holidays

This dude is extremely genius in Science. Can't deny that.

Hey! Finally, mid year exam was over yesterday. So, I can enjoy my holidays! Forget all those sheeba exam papers. I just wanna have fun fun fun on these holidays. I hit the shower and dressed up quickly to picked up my relatives with my papa at LRT this morning. Then, I headed to school to picked up Kimberly and Thayalan.

We arrived at Wangsa Walk around 10.45 am. So, we waited for Prakaash and Zer Dong and Amirul to reached there for awhile. After bought the tickets, we went to this game shop. Idk what it calls, something you can play racing cars, basketball and blablabla over there. Me and Kim played this pickup doll game. Nah, we never won even once. It's quite hard to play that game. Prakaash and Thayalan played the racing cars while Zer Dong played the shooting stuff, haha.
I effin hate this game - expecially when you never get anything

After that, me and Kim went to Black Queen shop to buy some accessories. I bought myself  a hairband and a pair of earing.We watched the movie Shrek Forever After. This movie was very enjoyable. Expecially the happy ending! Wait, who doesn't love happy ending? I wish I could have that too :)

Headed to A&W after that. Heh, I only filled my tummy with Root Beer and the 'curly' fries only. But my friends ate a LOT.

Retard stuff, haha.

Spended some time at Popular Bookstore, FOS and...... BOWLING! I was born to be good in music and creative writing, not sports. Okay, maybe I kinda good in swimming. I managed to score -12+12+6-7+1=? for bowling. You do the calculations. I played it in a half way je. Cos I hurt my arm. Gosh, we were using 11 and 12 kg man. But Amirul managed to find a 6 kg bowling. Imagine, my hand is so small and kurus kering while holding a big super-duper heavy bowling ball. Dahla kena hempap dengan bowling kat fingers bila nak ambil bowling. Haish. So, I don't want to take a risk to hurt my fingers and arm to become more worst - don't want to affect my piano exam too. But now, dah okay!

I also bought myself a new guitar pick. It's in a blue colour and it is very thin. Strumming pun sedap. Played the grand piano at the music shop and the music fair. Hmm,I want a new grand/upright piano so badly! Cos I'm currently using a Clavinova - which is complete with metroneum and songs and blabla. But my teacher said I will be better if I use something like grand/upright piano cos my grade is already high. Hmm, mama said that maybe I'll get the new piano - next year. :(

Before went back to home, we bought ourself a drink and Rotiboy. So, we habis outing around 4.30 pm. And tomorrow, ANUGERAH 5As! 

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