Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey peeps. I went to school very early today. I arrived around 12.20 pm. I spent my time with reading Sugar and Spice while eating High 5 bread and Sweetie. But sorry, tak kenyang pun. Isi perut je. Tunggu sikit punya lama, no assembly at all. Chatted with Suraya for a while.

I learned something new from my Visual Art teacher today. Well, my teacher is not a teacher actually. She's an ex lecturer in Limkokwing University for Graphic Design. I have no idea what on Earth she wants to teach at the secondary school. So, we did some petak-petak - I don't know what it calls. You know,something like this.

This image above is for the anyaman stuff. So, I need to anyam this which means urghh -.- I am so not talented in Visual Arts or whatsoever that something to do with drawing, painting and etc. I just hate Arts. When I was in kindergarten, I rather wrote a lots of words or whatever it is as long, janganlah nak lukis ke apa. Kalau tak, ikut sedap aku je nak colour or lukis. Haha. Dahla haritu kena buat perspective drawing. Bolehla menjadi. Haritu kena buat macam ni.

It was quite hard, but followed step by step okayla. My teacher also teached me this sort of stuff. Actually it's quite simple nak draw this room. Step je lebih. 

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