Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The choral speaking was a success! I was quite nervous during that time. Yeah, that's my first performance in secondary school so hehe you know what it feels. Expecially the part that I had to shouted. Omg, everybody was asking me to do it again. The shout. Lol. I will do it for certain times, kay? But we were in big group. No need to scared, right? The teachers said our performance was amazing! Billions of thank you to all Melawatians! Even 2M and 1L said we did it great. But.....

To whom it may concern,

Expecially 1N (for certain people)

You said that our performance was sucks. 1M sucks you said? Say whatever you like, I know we made some mistakes like it's not loud or whatever it is. We practised it in only like 1 week. But the problem is, can you do it better than our class? Not to say we proud or something, but judge yourself before judge the others first. Sucks like hell. Did you just say suck? HAHA, so funny la you. Coward. I asked you to speak infront of the crowd, korang kata TAKNAK! See, coward to much? Mengata orang, dia yang lebih.

Back to my story, I reached school at 9.30 am. I went to school early cos my mom had a lil' bit appoiment. I stayed in library and read Geography book. Haha, the test is next week! Of course I have to study. 2M. My dream class, haha. But, I managed to get only 45.6% from what I read? Why?

  • There were a group of guys from 3H were disturbing and flirting me. - Thanks to some sis in 3H, who protected me from them. Hihi <3
  • The library was too noisy.
  • I get bored easily and then I read my novel :D
But I studied okay! Amirul came to the library. We did some works then the access room opened! Hehe, my fave place in school. We did  and search some informations. At 12.15, Amirul and I went to the canteen to eat. I spend 3 bucks for fried rice and 2 bucks for a drink! What a waste, lol. Then, Sarah came to trained us a lil' bit before the performance. The choral speaking!

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