Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tag By Jiya

Hello everyone!

Sihat?Tension?Nak periksa?Samalah dengan Miss Amira.Isnin ni nak periksa.Makin nervous lorh..

Ok takpe,hari ni Miss Amira nak jawab tag Jiya.So,silalah ke blognya.'CLICK HERE'

1) 5 Things that u admire sooooo much?

~Mr Muqsit
~Perfume(Paris Hilton,Britney Spears)
~Make Up(MAC)
~House like a castle
~I think that's all..

2) 5 Songs you love right now??

~Wanita by Siti Nurhaliza
~Dambaran Cinta by Jaclyn Victor
~Vanessa Hudgens Songs
~Ada Untukmu by Nubhan
~What Dreams Are Made Of by Hillary Duff

3) What is your favourite brand??

~Girls/Lulu Belle
~Louis Vuitton

4) 5 People that u really want to met?

~Vanessa Hudgens
~Queen Elizabeth
~Mr Muqsit

~Hillary Duff
~Miss Universe(every year)

5) Do You Have any Enemies?

6) What is your favourite sport?


7) Your lucky number???


8) Place that u wanna go? Give me 5 places.



9) Give me 5 singer,5 actor/actress that you love most!


~Vanessa Hudgens
~Siti Nurhaliza
~Hillary Duff


~Jensen Ackles
~Zac Efron
~Rosyam Nor
~Remy Ishak


~Zuliana Abdul Aziz
~Vanessa Hudgens
~Hayden Panettiere
~Hillary Duff
~Fouziah Gous

10) Your favourite TV Channel?

~Disney Channel
~Star Movies
~Travel And Living

11) Your Favourite TV Program?

~Detective Conan
~Tottaly Spies
~Crayon Shin Chan
~Csi Miami,New York
~Hannah Motanna

Ppl that will do thiz tag :-

~Hanis Aqilah
~Kyna Kusut
~Najwa The Chubbiey Girl