Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tag Mira buat


Ini tag yang Mira buat sendiri..Takde tag,so Mira yang buat.Are u ready?Kali ini,beserta sekali Myspace mira.'CLICK HERE'.Jangan lupa add Mira!

1.What did u do last 5 minutes?
2.What handbags brand that u like the most?
3.If someone call u daft,what will u do?
4.Myspace,Friendster,Facebook.Which friends space u like the most?
5.Have u ever kiss a boy?
5.What songs u like the most?Give me 3 songs..
6)Who is ur best friend chat?Give me 3 pupils..
7)Tell me 3 freaky facts about ur self
8)How many emails that u have?
9)Where did u go just now?
10)Have u love someone?

The Lucky Person Who Being Tagged:-

~Nurul Balqis
~Hanis Aqilah
~Alya The Lipas

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