Saturday, October 25, 2008


Finally,im freedome!Yeah,i mean sekolah kebangsaan,and UPKK is coming 2 town!Huh,wat?

Tottally,stress gila!Huhu,yeeah...Deepavali is around the corner,so do holls!Yeah,i have a story!I mean,its kinda warning to 6 Murni peoples 2009!

Once upon a time,

Teacher Hanisah came to 5 Murni class[strict teacher!] to handled an Agama examination.Yeah,she talked Eng a lot!When im gonna ask her...

"Teacher,can we start now?"


I just went back to my place.Then,the examination start.I finished my Agama only 4 10 mins!Yeah,ramai siapkan cpt dowwh!Guess wat?Teacher Hanisah said in Eng..

"Are u sure u gonna get agama/moral 100%?Wat da hell u finish too fast?"

OMG!I looked at Naim and the others..Yeah,probally cant bealive it man!Naim said..

"Did teacher said HELL?"asked Naim..


After a few mins..Teacher gave us a warning to 6 Murni students 2009!

~Dont u ever call ur frenz bad things such as "fool,stupid,etc" or else she deduct our Eng marks!OMG!(20 marks,the LEAST!)

~When she gives a some work,we must write our answers at the board.If not,(wrong answers)she will sue us RM1.00

~We must speak Eng in her class.If not,(even 1 word)she will sue us RM1.00.

~We must bring dictionary(oxford,not made in siam)If not,duhhh,sue RM1.00..

~The payment(sue)she will not take the money,the money is 4(throw a prty,or wtv it is)

~95% marks above are quality marks,if not,thats not a quality marks,or else we will be like a bargage in 6 Murni class!Wat?

~She's looking 4ward to teaching us,so are u ready?(im ready!)

~So,we must start speak Eng/write from NOW ON!Thats why im changing,im learning,i no,my Eng is not perfect as the others,but im trying to be...Everybody makes a mistakes!Even,the expert teachers learnt from their mistakes..

~Mei Ying always got 100% in Eng(year 6 Murni 2008)I want to be like her!(gud in Eng)

~Shall 'we' begin?

Hey idiotta,are u jeolous?I no,im not a perfect human!Cause im trying to learn from my mistakes!Everybody makes a mistakes!Nobodys perfect!Im gonna work it!Dude,if u come to my house,that means,u still intrested to my house.If not,ure not.But if it,ure it.Get it?

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