Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to Nisha,Kamalesh,Praakash,Navisha,Rupini,Geetha,and to all Indians!
Yesterday,i watched HSM3!Tottally cool man!Gotta watch it,or else u regret!Yeah,cause it Senior Year,every1 dah graduate ohh!

Songs?Best gila!!
And kinda romantic too!Yeah,prom nite.

Yesterday,i tottally tired ohh!
Cause i did gardening with my parents and my 'bakal rumah baru'!
I tanam rumput,korek tanah,buang batu..
And the most important is,i jumpa a black cat,such as baby kot?
I named it Roxy!
Roxy pandai+comel ohh,
If i lari/jln2,mesti Roxy kejar..

Yeah,i lost 3 kg from that..
Haha,dah kurus!
Not kurus,but skinny!

I think thats all 4 now...See ya!


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