Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Tittle,Just 4 The Wish k!

I no!
Dont make me stress,or else i kick ur ASS!

My head is full of info,
But im not sure its useful or else..
Yeah,end of year!
I guess my hair would be a fluffy head like alycats!
Like i said,exam is anoyying!
Cause it can make people pening!

Im just need 4 ur wish!
Pray 4 my success!
Yeah,4 my religion school too!
Dude,5A's in my hand larh!
English,my target 90++
Not 80++,HATE IT!

Freaking Maths,
Hey,someone freaking me about my writing in eng.Yeah,yeah.Its my mood.Dont u ever ask about this,i had a old blog in eng lah!Or else,i kick ur ASS.!:)Thx 4 wasting ur time reading this,:p!

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