Monday, October 27, 2008



At last,i begging at my mom like a begger!
Yeah2,i gonna get my NEW PHONE!
Sony Ericsson W580i is in my hand!
I mean,almost..

New template?
Yeah,kinda greenny..

Last evening,
I did some gardening..Again?
Yeah,as usual,tired..
And stress!

I gonna stress cause next year UPSR man!
Im tottally half ready and not,cause i gonna get a strict teacher,Teacher Hanisah
(heartbeat plz!)
Blabla,all i could say is Learn,learn,learn!
Huh,stress and crazy!

I also went to Ampang to bought some plants
Then,i ate ayam masak merah,at Ampang..Yummy!xD
I also went to my mom's friends house,open house..
I also got duit deepavali!

I went to my new house!
Bow-wow,absolutely a big house,Love it girrlll!
I also meet a new 'friend'..
He's nice,but idk his name!Gee!
Yeah,he's form 1..Too big 4 me!


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Anonymous said...

ada pembetulan sedikit

I also went to Ampang to bought some plants

after to, we must put root word ,

I also went to Ampang to buy some plants