Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Im currantly happyhappyhappy!
Cause Obama just won the politics thing..
Yea!I love Obama,not the evil Bushhh!

Obama is Islam k!
I hope no more wars!
I hate thatt!

Oh yeah,yesterday was tottally awesome!
Like our group(yeahh!)
Ohh,our food is tottally deliciousioso!

Oh,i almost forget..
There were poyopoyo boys 6 Ehsannn!
Came to our class to stole the electronic things like phone,PSP,etc..
Camera is appppppoooooloooogggiissee!
Cause can took some pics!

Huh,im currently waiting 4 my report card!
Im also cant attend my anugerah cemerlang thing at sekolah agama!
Trial UPKK,hehe..
Oh Idiotta!Who cares?Nobody cares..Dont be so aroggant!4 God's sake!


Anonymous said...
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najwaamira said...


Nak tanya skit,kalau ada betul2 nak tolong sy,kenapa type nama anonymous?Maybe anda bkn kkk.

And,dah tanya my mom.Benda yg dah lps di panggil PAST TENSE.