Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taggy Taggy Taggy <33!

2day damn boring,stayed at home.
Yay,im gonna travel again!

Im gonna travel to Perlis *haha,my kampung darhh!
And,this could be weirdose..
Cause my parents cant follow me cause they working:(
Im gonna go back with the flight with my own self!
Life could be boring,sometimes

How many babies do u want?
Why are u asking me this freaking question?Im only eleven-going to 12 who dunno anthing about marriage or wat.

Do u believe seeing a rainbow after rain?

Who is the one who cheers u up and support u?
Family and frenzzz..

Do u believe in eternity love?
A bit.:)

Do u think the person who tagged u,like 2 play kidnapping?

Wat are u really afraid of?
Mr Cock :D

Do u have any secret crush?
Yes,but i hate him!

Do u cherish every single friendship of urs?
Of courseee! <33

Wat does flying means 2 u?
Something that shaking it wings? :p

Wat do u crave 4 the most currently?
4 Thurs,27 Nov 08 to come faster!

Are u single or in relationship?

Single and mingle :D

Describe the person who tagged u in 7 words

Smart and intelligent and good at decorate their blog. xD,Haha!

Wat have u done to make ur self happy?

I got Anugerah Percubaan UPKK Terbaik

Who's the worst person in ur life?

I dho.

I tag:Ima,Elly,Wani,Lollipop Manish.


Izzati Hazwani said...

ouh,thanks Mira !

Lolipop Manis -Syud- said...

Ya,Ya .
Ma kaseh :)

ALyA CHaN said...

Mira pergi Perlis sesorang kewr?
Or .. Ada buddy yg temankan yg
slain daripada parents Mira?

najwaamira said...


ALyA CHaN ~ said...

xTakot ker?
Nnti dkt Perlis xsalah Alya kan xda airport, or Mira naik flight ke Penang then ada org ambilkan?

Hidayah said...

Mira!bru je blik dh pgi perlis plak.sronokla!