Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Huh,i just visited Mei Yin's blog!
My classmate,Murni 4evaa!
About bring eletronicssss things to school!


I dunno why,T.Aznam dont let us to bring our phones!
Yeah,camera xpe meh,snap2..
Exam is over,already 'cuti2 belajar'(4 a while)
Seriously,its ANOIYINGGGG!

Damn!I dunno why T. is kinda strict!
And,i have a story 4 u(last tuesday)
About the rampas thinggy..

Oh yeah,my classmate were such a gadgegest addicts!Expecially cameras,phones,Ipod,PSP,balabla..

Suddenly,Hanie told my friends to kept their gadgets.Yeah,we followed her instruction.She said,

"Year 6 boys are coming to our class to rampas our gadgets!T.Aznam ask them to."

My classmates were so panic.Dunno where to hide it.Unless,in the store room.But nahh,6 Ehsan just knew it!

I bought Ipod to school and camera.Camera xpe!But Ipod,OMG!I thinkthinkthink until i pening!Not so la.And,my bulb was in my head!^_^!

I hide it in my_________!Its a secret laaa!

And i buat2 nothing happen..6 Ehsan is gonna check our bags!

"Eleh,berani..Bukalah beg aku!Hah,cuba cek,CEK,CEKLA!"

Ahah,thk god:DDDDDD

Some of my friends kena rampas maa!Expecially Amin..BUt Amin is kinda cerdik gak!He took out his simcard.So,ambil jelah phone tu!!Bijakkk!

Well,ada yg risau,crybaby,and etc..
Huhu,ada yg ambil snek kepunyaan students 5 Murni punya dohh!(6 Ehsan)
How awfull that can be??

Conclusion:Use ur brains and minds to think!Ure smart rite?So,use it lahhh!
As long as you love me
Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
I'm leavin' my life in your hands
People said im crazy and blind
Risking it all in a glance
Cause ur hot when ur hot,cause ur cold when ur cold!
Amin plucked a gitarr with??
She's vain u with me and me and u!
And it had to be u!!!!


linaz said...

Dulu pun kawan kita oernah bawak phone dia at school..Sebaek cegu xperasan.Namanya___________Batrisyia.
Its a secret lorh!

hannah said...

lex r dik;
nnti bile u da djh 6 nnti,
bwk laa phone puas2(:
nk bwk kedai phone pon xpe.
xde sape nk halang
*unless laa kalo chekgu*
sekolah mmg slalu camtu;;