Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Doors

The Best Day is a great song !

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.

You know what I was thinking after school session ? Playing guitar ! Mei Yin influenced me to play the guitar. She brought her guitar to school, for sure. My classmates were playing Uno and chess and some board games. I was extremely board , so I read some novels. Then , I was walking around the class. Observed some dudes were playing games. Oh yeah , I saw this awesome stuff on the notice board. And I took it without my teacher's permission :D Actually it is a white ribbon. The ribbons were on the tiny drawing block. I'm gonna use it for my hair band. Yay ! Thanks to Thiviya, who helped me to tied the ribbon.

Signed up some forms.I hate co-curricular form ! I took part in Choral Speaking and Short Story contest in district level only. I only have one post in school. It is Girl Guides committee. Bengang-ngang betul. Most of my buddies have two post. Nevermine, at least I have one rather than don't :) I'm gonna take part in netball and futsal game after Raya.My teacher offered me in chess competition. Why I didn't take part eh? Pergh , I'm starting to thinking what song I'm gonna play for this so call Talentime. I pick Taylor Swift's song for sure. Crazier,You Belong With Me,The Best Day, Love Story and Our Song are the most simple song. Pick it for me, please?

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