Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tell me when you need me , then you're gonna cut me down.

Heyya. As you can see, I update my blog-gay twice today. Okay, I'm effin bored right now. Anyone? Anybody? Chat with me ! Laugh out loud. I may sounds like Deperate Housewives movies huh? Whatsoever. UPSR is officially over. I can online 24 hours per day. I can do whatever I want. I can eat whatever I want. This is what I call, freedom ! I can watch Transformers 2 and House of Wax again and again :)

Speaking of freedome, my head starting to think that I'm gonna do. First of all, Raya ! Well, I bought some new garments last last and last week. Haha. This year, I'm gonna wear a TeenAgers cloths. Not a childish brand such as Kiko and Girls anymore. Hahas. Raya's money? Give me ! Then, gonna think about trip to Langkawi Island on this October. Whoa, it's gonna be so much thrills and spills. Expecially when you're gonna spend your whole time with your friends. Next year, Form 1. Why you have to be damn so fast, time? It's too fast to seperate with my buddies. But it's tradition, isn't? Okay, going to watch I do..I did ! At Movies Online Blame Emelia, cause she's the one who introduced this website in her blog. Haha, joking la babe :)

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